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Report: Raiders drive back Marshawn Lynch out for at least one month

Raiders Insider Podcast ALAMEDA – Raiders left thanks Kolton Miller has been fighting hard for a few weeks. The first…

ALAMEDA – Raiders left thanks Kolton Miller has been fighting hard for a few weeks. The first round rookie has given up six bags, a quarterback hit and eight quarterback hurries in losses to L.A. Chargers and Seattle, a significant drop after the season’s first four games.

He was strong then suspected. There were some attenuating circumstances.

Miller injured his right knee, a partial tear in one of its ligaments. This makes Miller less stable, and easier to manipulate when something is out of its position.

“I think there’s something for it,” said the group Jon Gruden. “Again, I do not exactly read the statistics, who is wrong with what bag. We are studying the band. He was exposed to a hell of a rusher.” That guy is a good player. “We tried to send help when needed.”

“Miller knee I do not think is 1

00 percent. I think weekends are good for him. I will repeat that he will be a good player We are happy to have him. “Miller has also missed the line food on the right. Leftover Kelechi Osemele has missed two games with his own knee injury.” Miller called it a similar injury to Osemele, with one player active and the other not. ”

” We’re doing the right thing, “said Gruden.” We are doing the right to KO and playing Miller. They both fight through difficulties that many guys do in this league. Hopefully we will get back soon. “

The hope hopes to get Osemele back after bye. The downtime can help him return and Miller returns to full strength.” Both of these developments would be important. “[19659003]” It will help our left tack play better, “said Gruden. “He has missed the last two matches, so our left tackle has fought a bit. When you change stunts and work combinations, it helps when you work with one of the top guards in the whole of football.

“I do not think you need to be a football scientist to know that there are many things that go into the last two excursions.”

Raiders offensive line as a whole has been fighting for the last two weeks. Donald Penn went on injured reserve before that stretch and left rookie Brandon Parker to fill his place. Jon Feliciano was a mixed bag that worked for Osemele, and Justin Murray fought after Feliciano went down with ribs.

Rodney Hudson and Gabe Jackson have been left in the middle, but they also struggled with injuries during the training week.

Raiders gave up three sacks, one hit and 13 hurried towards chargers. Last week, however, a completely different level was terrible. Carr was dismissed seven times, hit two others and pressed seven times.

A sharp lack of passport protection had raiders gone so badly. The horror changed their play and tried to survive.

“I would say it was obvious that it affected the ability to let go and look around and throw the ball,” says Gruden. “We must block better than that. We must play better than that. It really had an impact. No doubt. “

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