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Report: Morrissey attacked as fans hurry the scene during the San Diego concert

The singer Morrissey was attacked on the scene after the end of his concert in San Diego on Saturday. The…

The singer Morrissey was attacked on the scene after the end of his concert in San Diego on Saturday.

The English singer, in town for an out-of-date solo concert at Jacob’s Music Center’s Copley Symphony Hall downtown, just finished his encore – reportedly “Everyday is Sunday” – when exaggerated fans hurried on stage.

During the incident, originally reported by the TMZ tabloid news site on Sunday morning, one of the concerts seemed to “hit him in the face” while on stage at the Copley Symphony Hall at the 2 200 seat.

A 34-second video that was published on TMZ still showed the singer on stage when the concert player rushed the scene. A few seconds later the security staff saw the scene and chaos followed.

The singer rushed off the scene, showed the video.

The singer left the scene and never returned, TMZ reported.

According to TMZ, a concert seller was taken away from the scene in a choke team.

It was not immediately known whether Morrissey was injured during melee.

San Diego Police had no record of any calls coming from Copley Symphony Hall on Saturday night, Police Chief Dino Delimitros said.

Fans rushing on the stage to hug the singer are common at Morrissey concerts &#821

1; so much so that it has been called a “passage of passage” for many fans. In 2014, during a concert in San Jose, the fans rushed to the stage and an overeater fan seemed to have tackled the singer.

A 31-second video published on YouTube – published early Sunday morning by the user Tamago Sandwich – showed a different look point but confirmed the original report. The user wrote a comment: “Really very annoying … Mozza stays cool all the time. RESPECT!”

59-year-old British singer, former frontman of the English rock band The Smiths, is in the midst of a California tour that stopped in Ventura, Los Angeles and Long Beach before joining San Diego on Saturday. His next planned concert is at the National Auditorium in Mexico City on 22-22 November. The last day of the tour is 15 Dec at Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile.

His 11th solo album, “Low in High School”, was released on November 17 last year.

On November 1, he appeared with Joan Jett for a close concert at Microsoft’s theater in downtown LA Four days later, November 5, he headed at Tropicália Music & Taco Fest, held at the waterfront Queen Mary Events Park in Long Beach.

Staff author Karen Kucher contributed to this report.

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