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Remaining dozens of infants and obesity found at Second Detroit Funeral Home

In an email, Wayne State University said it had become aware of the recent trial. "Without giving an opinion about…

In an email, Wayne State University said it had become aware of the recent trial. “Without giving an opinion about the trial itself, we believe the statement against the university is insignificant and we will move soon to reject it,” added.

A spokesman for Detroit Medical Center where Alayah was born could not be reached immediately for comment on Friday but told the Detroit News that it was against his policy to discuss ongoing disputes.

On October 12th, the news broke out that babies’ remnants were found hidden in the roof of another funeral home – the Cantrell Funeral Home, which had been shuttered in April. The news reached Alayah’s family, which encouraged Mr. Parks to share his concerns about Perry Funeral Home with the police, as he did.

At a press conference on Friday, Chief James Craig from the Detroit Police Department said the two funeral shambles did not seem to be affiliated, and officials could form a working group to investigate how human remains are stored and documented in the area. Daniel W. Cieslak, another lawyer representing Alayah’s mother, said in an interview on Friday that it was based on documents he had seen when investigating this case, to hundreds of fetal remains in the possession of Perry Funeral Home.

“I’m glad they recovered so many,” he said after investigators found dozens on Friday. “But it seems to me that there could be more.” Mr. Cieslak and Mr. Parks hopes to turn the mother’s complaint to a trial in class action.

Chief Craig called the “very disturbing” situation and said government agencies could be invited to assist with a wider investigation.

“There has been a lot of happening in the past 24 hours,” said Cieslak, adding that he was pleased that the authorities had investigated Perry Funeral Home. “But it’s getting more questions for me now.”

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