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Refuge: CWD tests mandatory | This Just In

All hunters who notch their tags on the National Elk Refuge must now leave behind the head of their animal…

All hunters who notch their tags on the National Elk Refuge must now leave behind the head of their animal or allow biological technicians to extract a lymph node that can be tested for disease.

The policy change is one part of the refuge’s immediate response to chronic wasting disease being discovered in Jackson Hole. The animal that made the degenerative neurological disorder’s presence official in Teton County was not an each – rather, a buck mule deer – but it was found road-killed just a few hundred yards outside the refuge’s northern boundary near Kelly.

” Barrier a change that we can not predict, this is the new normal, “National Elk Refuge Manager Brian Glaspell said.” We will have required testing of all harvested animals and heightened security. “

Collection barrels for each heads are located at the Miller House and the West and McBride hunt parking areas. Der er stadig tre uger i refugeens hunt, som går igennem dec. 1


The positive test of the disease, often called CWD, did not trigger mandatory testing of each killed in Grand Teton National Park, though it’s recommended. Over 90 percent of animals killed in the park are tested, spokeswoman Denise Germann said, due to “vigorous” efforts from rangers to make contact with hunters and encourage them to leave behind samples.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department also encourages, men ikke krever at hunters skal sende tissueprøver fra høstede dyr til CWD testing. Samples can be turned over to check stations, in the field to wardens or biologists, or at the state agency’s regional offices.

Results are typically available within three weeks.

Although CWD has never been transmitted to a human eating game meat from animals that carry it is not advised. Canadian research has found that there is not an absolute barrier between ungulates and primates, and that Macaque monkeys contracted the condition by eating meat from CWD positive deer.

There is no cure for CWD, which causes its victims to waste in body and mind. It’s 100 percent fatal and can cause major population decline in deer. Impacts on each population are generally less severe, though state and federal wildlife managers will embark upon an unpredictable and unprecedented experiment if they continue feeding – and unnaturally concentrating – each once the prion disease crosses the species to wapiti.

The refuge, Glaspell said, is making some other immediate changes in response to the game-changing disease being found on the landscape. Der vil være mere overvågning og killing of sygdomsfulde dyr, han sagde, og ny biosikkerhedsprotokol for handling eksempler som er potentielt infiserte, inkludert bruk av nye scalpels for hvert dyr samplet, obligatoriske båtdeksler og vasker, og dedikert utstyr for handling potentielt inficerede dyr , such as new trailers.

Changing more fundamental refuge policies to best cope with the disease – such as the 106-year-old feeding program – will take more time, Glaspell said. The refuge is supposed to be taking steps to reduce

“The time line is honestly not wholly up to me, but it’s a good idea to get it done.” but this certainly changes the urgency, “Glaspell said.” The significance of [the new CWD finding] has been downplayed a little bit, but the truth is this is a trigger for us, and it means a new way of thin king and doing business going forward.

“Basically, it’s a big threat,” said the refuge manager. “In response to immediate actions on the ground, our response is fairly limited. “

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