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Redskins QB Colt McCoy can play into free agency

When Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith broke his leg and saw his season, it ended more than installing Colt McCoy,…

When Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith broke his leg and saw his season, it ended more than installing Colt McCoy, starting. It also opened the door of McCoy to possibly get into the free agency.

Under the terms of McCoy’s one-year extension of up to $ 7 million that he signed here in July, McCoy has the opportunity to rub the final year of his contract to become a free agent – provided he meets parameters as he is now likely to reach.

In short, assuming McCoy begins the last six games starting today against the cowboys, he will either be a much more paid backup or a freelance.

Redskins will miss Smith, but they like a lot about McCoy. According to sources, if the trade with Smith did not work, they planned to enter the McCoy season as a favorite to start over the one they worked out, probably during the second or third round. Now he has a chance to prove his value in the field.

Look at the contract negotiated by Agent Andrew Kessler, McCoy has options. If he starts the rest of the road, he will achieve the desired playing time to qualify for all incentives by playing 25% to 30%. That spell time gives him the chance to trigger the void for the last year of his business. As it stands, he is slated to make $ 3.5 million next year with $ 2 million guaranteed.

If he terminates the agreement to try to become a freelance, Redskins has the right to repurchase that year by giving McCoy an increase. They can pay for him not to be free agent by handing him from $ 750,000 to a maximum of $ 4 million for a total salary of $ 7.5 million.

For example, if he starts the rest of the season and Redskins plays two playoff games, the repurchase is $ 2 million. So he lives with Skins if they choose it, but earns $ 5.5 million instead of $ 3.5 million – with $ 4 million guaranteed.

This is not the first time we have seen such an option because the goal is to allow a player to choose his maximum value.

Chase Daniel, starting today for Bears, had one in his contract in Kansas City. After joining the eagles, Jeff Nalley negotiated another for Daniel in Philly based on previous year’s statistics for Sam Bradford. Daniel also has a void in Chicago but not based on statistics. This time, it’s simply a $ 5 million payment that allows him to be free – if he decides his market is there for cash.

In Philadelphia, Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles is also one of his most recent extensions.

For McCoy and Washington this may be interesting. They can actually recall the year. Or they can say that two extra million is too much and he should be a freelancer. If they reject, he is free. But what about Smith’s health?

If his rehab is slow, does Washington feel guilty of repurchases at what level McCoy is?

So, McCoy has a choice to invalid, but Washington has the choice to buy back that year. What goes into that decision for both sides will be played during the six games that start, against today’s Cowboys.

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