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RED Hydrogen One Review: Unique, but nobody should buy it

The Red Hydrogen was first announced in mid 2017. Over a year later and after a handful of delays, it…

The Red Hydrogen was first announced in mid 2017. Over a year later and after a handful of delays, it has finally arrived. The device has always been aimed at a niche market, but after using it for a couple of days, I struggle to say that it even appeals to them . Let’s take a closer look.

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Yes, it’s a monster

In the case of the hardware, this is a crazy device in every way imaginable. It is made of aluminum with kevlar accents and grip along the sides of RED Hydrogen One. It’s absolutely massive, which makes me easy to outsize my Pixel 3 XL and Galaxy Note 9. It’s unapologetic in size, and personally I like it. However, anyone who does not appreciate a massive phone needs to search elsewhere.

There is a lot of grip here and the booklet is nice, but in everyday use like being out in town, this device feels like stepping back for a few years in smartphones.

It’s not necessarily to say that this is a bad phone is its design. It’s just a very niche and very unique design that honestly will not appeal to many people. The robust look is familiar to users of RED’s cameras, and I think some of them might be interested in what Hydrogen One has to offer.

I will definitely give RED some credit for the buttons on this device. The power button / fingerprint sensor is in a good place and is surprisingly tactile, although it is estimated to add some consistency. Accuracy, however, is quite good. The volume buttons are also in a good place and are good, but my favorite piece is that there is a dedicated end button on the right side that has a nice red accent color. I still do not understand why more answering machines do not do this.

Other in the hardware there is a USB-C port for charging, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a SIM compartment. The tray does not need a tool to be removed because it’s a simple door that draws the slot with slots for your SIM card and also a microSD card. There is also a message diode up if that is your case.

Along the back of the phone, you will probably notice a handful of pins. These will, at some point in the future, support modular accessories. RED says that one of these accessories comes with a RED-made camera sensor with a genuine lens mount. The CEO has said that this accessory will enable RED Hydrogen One to shoot a “Red Quality Movie” on the phone.


Android without many changes

Regarding the software at RED Hydrogen One, there may be no word when it will come or how much it costs. I honestly have not much to talk about. There is a beautiful warehouse of Android Oreo here that sees most of its changes in launch.

The launch here feels like a spin of all the old launchers that we all used years ago with transitions like “swing door”. It’s nice fun, but it definitely does not add value. The AT & T device I tested is also loaded with a lot of blow from the wearer, but Red’s own software does not end up.

Performance on Snapdragon 835 and 6GB RAM is appropriate but nothing impressive. I noticed some ramdrops here and there, but nothing particularly bad, but not very good. It’s a smooth medium, and I did not expect more. At $ 1,300, but anyone who buys this phone should expect a lot more.


Does not Live Up to What Behind The Red Name

There are two aspects of RED Hydrogen One that sounded particularly exciting before launch, and one of them was the camera. When a movie camera company whose name is right there with some of the world’s biggest movies, you would be entitled to expect something quite spectacular from its smartphone.

But the cameras here are not particularly impressive. The dual camera system gets the job done well and expels some other devices, but they do not match a Pixel or even a recent Samsung flagship. RED says that the phone just does not have the necessary power to use the same color as the company’s biocameras can, but some pictures just make me wonder if they gave up before they really tried. A handful of tests are below.

With a name equal to RED and a price as big as $ 1300, you can only compare with the best of the best, and at the moment it’s Google Pixel 3. I took the two phones side by side page for a few shots and, well, the results speak for themselves. ” style=”width: 496px; height: 372px;”/>

Shot on Hydrogen One ” style=”width: 496px; height: 372px;”/>

Shot on Hydrogen One

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