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Red Dead Online: Rockstar Will Re-Balance In-Game Gold Bar Economy

Share. The scales will be balanced. By Jessie Wade Rockstar has responded to player feedback for Red Dead Online's beta,…


The scales will be balanced.

Rockstar has responded to player feedback for Red Dead Online’s beta, specifically commenting on fixing the in-game economy.

“Our current areas of focus include the in-game economy, which will require some additional balancing in order to ensure all activities are appropriately rewarding and fun, as well as some persistent bugs that cause some players to be kicked from sessions. “

Rockstar’s decision to focus on this fix first is most likely a response from players complaining about the time it can take to earn just one gold bar in the game, which is about 8 hours.

Users on Reddit figured out the math involved, including user UnavailableIDs.

“Played around 4 hours yesterday You need to get 1

00 nuggets to do one gold bar. You get in between 0.02 and 0.04 (0.02 gold bars = 2 nuggets) from series (deathmatch, races, etc.) which take 10 mins each or less, “the Reddit user Said. [19659009] It was previously detailed by Rockstar that the gold bars will be used to purchase cosmetic items in the Red Dead Online in-game Store, which will also include microtransactions when its up and running.

Rockstar said that Red Dead Online was Developed, they would be able to go in and make in-game adjustments quickly, indicating they are listening to player feedback.

Rockstar released Red Dead Online’s beta last week to certain players, with everyone who owns the game now being allowed to play. Read up on the different in-game modes, including the new battle royal fashion with only bows and arrows and knives.

Also, make sure to read IGN’s review in progress of Red Dead Online, where we said, “The Red Dead Online Beta is a promising foundation for a long-lasting multiplayer experience, and the co-op is a huge highlight. “

Jessie Wade is a newswriter at IGN and is really hyped that you can be a female in Red Dead Online. Follow here on Twitter and Instagram @ jessieannwade.

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