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Recreation Larry's creator lists the source code collection on eBay

Al Lowe, creator of the Leisure Suit Larry series and a lead in the early days of PC video games…

Al Lowe, creator of the Leisure Suit Larry series and a lead in the early days of PC video games through his work on Sierra On-Line, has put all his source code on eBay – including the original Leisure Suit Larry in Lizards Country and Leisure Suit Larry 2 where both command bids over $ 7,500.

Lowe, 72, who was also the main programmer for King’s Quest 3 and Police Quest, discussed the sale in a video released yesterday by YouTuber MetalJesusRocks. “I backed up because I knew Sierra did not,” said Lowe, explaining the source of source files. Most of it is on old 5-1

/ 4 inch floppy (like in, actually floppy) discs, for the bona fide retro feeling. Assuming collectors have a device to access it, Lowe says that they can put it in a text editor to read the code because it’s all text.

“When I Quit Creating Larry 2 I thought I should keep a clean archive of everything needed to recreate the game so I copied all source code, text, animation, background art, music, sound effect. .. all i could do for these disks, says Lowe in the listing for Leisure Suit Larry 2 . “I then packed them in a box (which once contained empty floppies that I bought to produce my games before my Sierra days). Then I put the yellow lock in a black storage box where it sat undisturbed for over 30 years!

It is important to note (as Lowe does) that this is just his copy of the code and it does not give. The final owner has no rights over the games, nor distributes the code. “IP rights were sold over and over, until they are owned by a German gaming company,” wrote Lowe.

The list contains a first-time diskette Softporn as Lowe says was the game that inspired him to make the Leisure Suit Larry series. It receives a $ 210.50 prize at the time of writing. Other highlights:

Lowe says that more code will follow eBay (these initial listings will last for the following eight days or so).

Celebrities Larry will be shown by 2013 in Recreation Larry: Reloaded by Replay Games, with Lowe aboard the designer. It was funded successfully on kickstart 2012. However, Lowe later expires to Replay Games after the conviction of the studio president on a fee to show an explicit video to a minor.

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