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Razer's latest Blade Stealth laptop keeps it stylish

Stealth also has a subtle makeover to help it play that part of corporate laptop. Instead of a light green…

Stealth also has a subtle makeover to help it play that part of corporate laptop. Instead of a light green logo on the lid like older models, the new Stealth has a gray version that matches color with the laptop. Its anodized aluminum body felt robust and expensive when I checked it out at a new briefing.

Open it and you will see a well-known feature of laptops &#821

1; a colorful keyboard. Instead of having light for individual keys to create a multicolored look, it has the new Stealth zone-based lighting. Any of the 16.8 million colors you choose for your keyboard is the color that will pop up throughout the deck. This contributed to Razer pushing out the battery life of the device, which was a focus for the company this year.

The keys themselves were comfortable to write thanks to the higher impact (63 grams) compared to 58g from earlier and I found the layout evenly and generously spaced. Razer also increased the size of the glass mount plate under the keyboard, which was spacious enough to never feel I ran out of space when I explored the Windows 10 interface.

 Razer Blade Stealth (2018)

One of the most important changes that Razer did was shredding the screens to 4.9 mm, giving Blade Stealth a more modern look. The top part is still quite thick compared to Dell XPS 13, but it’s because Razer decided to hold an infrared camera above the display instead of a more uncomfortable under-the-screen placement cement. It also means that Stealth is the first Razer Blade laptop that supports Windows Hello.

There are two configurations for Stealth’s 13.3-inch panel – a Full HD matte option and a 4K touch version. The Full HD model supports a 100% sRGB color spectrum, while the 4K covers 100 percent of the Adobe RGB spectrum. The lower-resolution screen also uses Intel’s latest low-power technology and is brighter than last year’s laptop, which only came in quad HD +.

I flipped for a few rounds of Overwatch on a 4K drive in Stealth that packed an NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card. The laptop kept pace when I barely defeated five training robots and repeatedly died by mistake, even though my test device showed some noticeable fan noise.

Configurations start with integrated Intel HD 620 graphics, so do not press the laptop too hard while playing. But you can get a version with a discreet MX150 card for $ 200, and you’ll also get a faster 16GB RAM SSD (compared to 8GB in the base model). Razer said it uses another 25-watt version of MX150 than other companies here, though with 4GB VRAM. It’s twice as much as competing systems, and enables 30 percent better performance, according to the company.

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