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Razer Phone 2 review: A powerful game phone with a dash of flagship spankache

Editor's Note: On October 21, Razer released an OTA firmware update for Razer Phone 2. We have decided to stop…

Editor’s Note: On October 21, Razer released an OTA firmware update for Razer Phone 2. We have decided to stop sending our final grade to the phone until we have had a chance to carefully test it with it new update. Once we have completed the test, we’ll update the review with full grades.

Last year’s original Razer Phone entered the phone market as a cowboy through swinging doors in a lounge. It drew attention to its rectangular design, 1

20Hz screen and horsepower. But it lacked the polish and features of other flagship phones and was considered more of a gaming phone oddity.

The new Razer Phone 2 fixes these flagship grips without losing the soul of the original. In fact, the new phone has the same “A Space Odyssey” monolith design, while adding IP67 water resistance, wireless charging, camera capture mode and even lighter 120Hz display.

But everything is not rosy with Razer’s newest phone. “Flagships” comes at a cost, literally. Razer Phone 2 is $ 800 and £ 780, which converts to AU $ 1,225. It gives you 64GB of storage space, but it’s $ 100 more than last year’s Razer and puts the phone in the same price range as Google Pixel 3 and iPhone XR . However, the phone is compatible with 2TB microSD cards to expand the storage.

The cameras have improved hardware, but the image quality is just OK. Photos and videos are currently featured by moire and color banding.

Although it has a honking 4000mAh battery, Razer Phone 2 performed poorly in CNET’s battery test for continuous video playback in flight mode. But in reality it was used by a day of use, including some sessions of 120Hz games just fine.

If you live on a bite of movies and mobile video games, Razer Phone 2 is worth a look. But if you want a good camera and a phone that can do it more than one day for a fee, check out the cheapest OnePlus 6 or Galaxy Note 9 .

Razer Phone 2’s box design gives Gorilla Glass 5 and a cool extra

Razer Phone 2’s blocky design will not be for everyone, but I think it’s unique and attractive. The squared edges resemble iPhone 5 and fit well in my hand, especially in landscape orientation. But I have big hands and in a few pairs, this phone can be more than a handful. I like that I can safely stand on Razer Phone 2 on his side to watch a movie or take a video.

And if you’re wondering, there’s no chin. Instead, you’ll find a chunky pan and chin that holds two of the loudest speakers I’ve ever heard on a phone. Seriously playing Bohemian Rhapsody or Liquid Swords of GZA from Wu Tang Clan Press the Dolby button, select Music – and you’re welcome. These speakers are all the more impressive when you think they were completely remodeled to make the phone IP67 water resistant.


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The $ 99 Wireless Charging Dock turns on a light display every time you charge your phone.

Patrick Holland / CNET

The phone has a cool chroma logo on the back that is not only for appearance: it actually shines when you receive messages. So when new texts or Snapchat messages arrive, the logo will light up. You can also customize the color, the brightness of the glow, and determine whether it is static or not. There is a sleep mode where the logo lights up and attenuates as if the phone breathes and it also fooled several employees on my desk with its visual siren song.

The Gorilla Glass 5 back allows wireless charging, making it all the more fun if you buy $ 99 Razer Phone 2 Wireless Charger. Place your phone on the stand and the edges of the base light up like Rainbow Road from Mario Kart .

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