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Rare “Ghostly” Dumbo Octopus Capture In Camera

October 26, 2018 Science 1 Views Ghostly dumbo octopus spotted by deep sea scientists off the coast of California. (National…

Ghostly dumbo octopus spotted by deep sea scientists off the coast of California. (National Marine Sanctuaries / NOAA)

Just in time for Halloween, deep sea scientists were treated on Exploration Ship (E / V) Nautilus to a spooky sight &#821

1; a rare set of Grimpoteuthi squid, also known as a dumbo squid, gliding near the seabed over it deep, dark waters off the coast of California.

The movie of the graceful 2 foot long octopus was captured by a camera on the remote-controlled vehicle (ROV) Hercules, diving in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

The research group from the NOAA Office of the National Marine Sanctuaries and Ocean Exploration Trust conducted mapping operations and used ROV to explore marine ecosystems in Davidson Seamount, an underground mountain area off the coast of central California, 80 miles southwest of Monterey, and a region called an oasis in the depths of large coral and fungal fields.

The octopus was “flattering wing-like fins, the chicken inverted its beds, balloons out to reveal eight lines of sucking,” according to the researchers, who were audibly cheated by the rare observation. Their enthusiastic voices can be heard on the clip published on the expedition website and says “oh so cute!” And “The world loves a dumbo!”

Photo Credit: National Marine Sanctuaries / NOAA

Dumbo octopuses live in the deep open sea down to the depths of at least 1300 feet (4000 m), making this group the deepest living of all known octopuses, according to Oceana. Obviously, they are noted for their fins that resemble the eum of the elephant Dumbo.

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