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Ranking the rival games by College Football Playoff påverkan

If Ohio State Wins: There are no guarantees, other than the East Division title. It is possible that the big…

If Ohio State Wins: There are no guarantees, other than the East Division title. It is possible that the big ten champion could be left outside the final game a third straight year if Ohio State wins, but the committee would have a hard decision between Buckeyes and a one-time Oklahoma for fourth place. Both have fought defensively this year (OU is No. 95 in defensive efficiency, Ohio State is No. 46), but still both continue to find ways to win talented quarterbacks. If Ohio State beats Michigan, however, the committee would weigh the victory against an Oklahoma victory over West Virginia in Morgantown on Friday night. Ohio State would probably have the edge, because rock climbers are now a two-loss team and Michigan is a top four, one-loss opponent. An Ohio State Prize may also affect the SEC. If Alabama were to lose to Georgia in the SEC championship, an Ohio State win could increase the chances that both Alabama and Georgia will end in the top four (again) at the expense of the Big Ten champion.

The Root Interests: If you are an OU, SEC or Washington State fan, encourage Ohio State to win ugly. Notre Dame fans, cheers for Michigan (the only profit that continues to give).

2. Oklahoma in West Virginia (19:00 ET, ESPN)

About Oklahoma wins: Sooners would make a place in the conference championship 12 and stay in violation of a top four finish. If they win on Friday night and Texas beats Kansas, Longhorn’s squeeze would be the second place in the title game. The Sooners would then have a chance to avenge their loss for regular seasons to Longhorns, which would be a strong statement to the selection committee. The question is whether it would be enough to unseat the Big Ten champion for the fourth place.

If West Virginia wins: The mountain climbers pass a place in the Big 12 title game, meaning that the league’s playoff jump is likely to be over. A West Virginia win would ensure that the Big 12 champion has at least two losses – maybe three if Texas wins the title. If the WVU and Kansas State (in Iowa State on Saturday) both lose, Texas will make a place in the title game.

Red interests: Washington State fans will cheer for rock climbers, as Sooners is still heading for the CFP Top 25 title in the evening’s rankings. The UCF fans should be jubilant for WVU, as there is another chaos that can work to their advantage.

3. Notre Dame at USC (Saturday, 8:00 ET, ABC)

About Notre Dame Winning: Irish Ending Undamaged and Locks a place in the four best they can sit comfortably and watch how the conference championship can change the rest of the playoff image. With Notre Dame in, it means that at least two Power 5 conference champions will be omitted.

If USC wins: While it would be an embarrassing loss for Notre Dame, Irish team lost until the rest of the conference the championship is playing. If Big 12 produces a two-loss champion, or it’s an upset in the Big Ten or Pac-12 titles, a one-shot Notre Dame is certainly still in the mix. The Irish are currently number one in ESPN’s record metric rating, meaning they have played the most difficult schedule so far, knocked off two division champs in Northwestern and Pitt and possibly one-third if Michigan wins the Big Ten East. If Northwestern and Michigan stop playing for the Big Ten championship, Notre Dame would have defeated the league match regardless.

Red interests: UCF fans should call USC (at least Irish need crashes to start a wave of chaos for the knights to take into account). Washington State should cheer for USC because it needs so many dominoes to fall over it as possible.

4. Washington in Washington State (Friday, 8:30 ET, FOX)

About Washington Wins: The Huskies Will Win Pac- 12 North, but the conference will be lost in the big picture because the league is guaranteed to have a conference champion with three losses. Both Utah and Washington have three losses each, so the winner of the Pac-12 title should be eliminated.

About Washington State wins: Pac-12 keeps its slim playoffs alive, but Washington State has to win the conference championship and get some help. Although Alabama and Clemson lose their rivals but win their respective conference titles, they are likely to face Washington State. A Notre Dame loss would certainly open the door for debate, but a one-time Big 12 champion in Oklahoma is more likely than Washington State to take advantage of the Irish losing because it dashed its summary with victories in West Virginia and then likely to Texas. Washington State’s best scenario would be for Northwestern to win Big Ten and for a two-loss team to win Big 12. The good news for Cougars is that Washington and Utah have both entered the committee’s top 25, giving their

Rotating Interests: UCF needs as much help as possible, so the knights are going to cheer for Washington to eliminate Pac-12 with a victory. Ohio State fans should also hint for Washington … juuuustly if they have some competition along the line, as they are still heading for Cougars in the top 25.

5. Auburn at Alabama (Saturday, 3: 30 pm ET, CBS)

If Auburn wins: Alabama should still have no problem finishing in the top four years as it wins the SEC. If the tide loses this game, the SEC chances are likely to get two teams in the playoff probably because the committee would not take a loss team this year that did not win its league, even if it is Alabama. 19659002] If Alabama wins: Time rolls into the SEC championship undiscovered, in the top four and with a pillow to lose in the title game and possibly still come in.

The root interests: UCF, Washington State, Ohio State and Oklahoma should all rooting for Auburn. If somebody else will get the chance to finish in the top four, the last is required for two SEC teams and Notre Dame.

6. Georgia Tech on Georgia (Saturday, Dinner ET, SEC Network)

About Georgia wins: The Bulldogs maintain the status quo on the bubble, unless there is any chaos above them during the rival week (Michigan loses to Ohio State, Notre Dame loses at USC) or they cause the chaos by breaking Alabama in the SEC title game.

If Georgia Tech wins: If Georgia lose to Georgia Tech, but beats Alabama to win the SEC title, it could be the first two-loss team to end in the top four in the playoff time. Or … The SEC may be released in favor of Clemson, Notre Dame, Michigan and Oklahoma. A Georgia Tech win would also completely change the perception of an Alabama loss for Georgia in the SEC championship, which reduces the chances of tide entering the SEC runner-up. It’s one thing to lose a close game to Team No. 5 in the country, but Georgia would not be No. 5 on the way to the SEC championship if it lost a unaffected Georgia Tech team with four losses. [19659002] Rotating Interests: Everyone who has SEC fatigue should cheer on the jackets, because its ripple effect can be significant.

7. South Carolina at Clemson (19:00 ET, ESPN)

About South Carolina wins: Clemson can still quit in the four the best thing about it is to hit pitt to win ACC. If Alabama, Notre Dame and Michigan all win out, Clemson would probably still be chosen before a one-loss Oklahoma and one-loss Washington State. What would happen in this scenario if Alabama lost a Georgia team with a loss? Georgia, Notre Dame and Michigan would be in, and the debate would then go over to one-loss SEC runner-up Alabama or one-loss ACC champion Clemson?

If Clemson Wins: The Unsaved Tigers Should

Red interests: The one who needs a chaos (UCF, Oklahoma and Washington State) should encourage South Carolina, but one Loss on Saturday would not guarantee anything more than a debate between one-loss Power 5 champs.

8. UCF in South Florida (Friday 16:15 ET, ESPN)

If UCF wins: The knights have already climbed a quay in the American Athletic Conference Championship game and should remain the committee highest ranked group of 5 teams placed for a bid for a new year’s six bowl. With UCF’s victory on Saturday and West Virginia loss, the knights should be in top 10 tonight, and maybe even jump over the Ohio State. No matter where they land in the committee’s fourth ranking, the riders still have to play the Houston-Memphis winner on Friday and need to win their conference to come to a new year’s six bowl. Remember that it is the highest ranked conference champion from group 5. Even at another undefeated season and conference title, UCF would still need complete melting in the Power 5 conference championship game that seriously agrees for a top four finish. [19659002] If South Florida wins: UCF would still lead the US title game and have a shot on a new year’s six bowl, but with a loss Utah State now in the rankings (and two-loss Boise State), US forward runners May have some competition if they trip. Utah State and Boise State also play each other Saturday, and the winner will claim the Mountain Division in MWC.

Red interests: Mountain West fans should cheer for South Florida, but it would just be a first step in the evening playground a bit. A group of 5 fans in general may want to continue voting for the UCF, if only to see how high they can climb this year as their representative.

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