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Rams are triumphant in tragedy

LOS ANGELES – Jared Goff was in a hurry, showed intense focus in the surrounding chaos, when suddenly, the third-year…

LOS ANGELES – Jared Goff was in a hurry, showed intense focus in the surrounding chaos, when suddenly, the third-year quarterback made a split-second decision that changed his evening’s banana.

Drive through the windy, smoke-lined streets of his neighborhood near Los Angeles Rams temporary training facility on Friday night, Goff saw a large pile of branches that fired up in flames and stopped their car. Like many teammates and other members of the organization, Goff had evacuated his home late on Thursday night as a pair of fires spread from the heights of Ventura County to Malibu and he hoped to retrieve some belongings before returning to the downtown LA hotel he temporarily moved if.

When Goff and his close friend since childhood, Robbie Terheyden, came out to have a look at the mini-blaze, a couple of 1

4-year-old boys who drank buckets of water made double tar. It was Goff, one of NFL’s hottest quarterbacks, ready to lend a hand as a volunteer first responder.

And as if the scene taking place just outside the entrance to Kardashian Estate, one of reality’s most famous homes, was not surreal enough: Looking back from the back was Goff’s proud father, Jerry, who has used the past 20 years as firefighter for a northern California city just south of San Francisco. As Jared would explain Sunday night, “Realistically, the area around (branches) was burned out and there was a slight chance that it could spread to the big tree that was right near it. He knew it so he let us handle it. We probably were too careful. But I will not stop until the work is done. “

On Sunday at LA Coliseum, Goff and Rams (9-1) got the job done against a permanent division rival who held a 36-31 victory over Seattle Seahawks. And after his last star performance for a season full of them, Goff had no desire to overdramatize his brush with public safety. After all – the region and especially the area near Rams Headquarters – held off a screaming week that included mass photography in a thousand Oaks bar on Wednesday night leaving 13 dead and the massive wreck caused by the still untreated wildfires.

However, the quarterback acknowledged that he, his teammates and almost everyone else who was associated with one of the best teams of the NFL had been shaken by the events, and this meant that Sunday’s antiquated triumph over a NFC West rival felt like a significant achievement .

“Being able to do what we did today felt very good, especially under the circumstances,” said Goff to after the match. “With all the fires and madness and the horrible shooting that happened just at our facility the day before, there are many things going on. We want to be a group that can provide regularity, a getaway and joy even if it’s only a couple of hours. is nice that we could do it today. “

Ramsna had his emotional bounce result after the season, a 45-35 defeat against New Orleans Saints last Sunday, back week that made them feel reinforced and tied. When looking forward to the next Monday night showdown in Mexico City with the 9-1 Kansas City Chiefs, who will be preceded by a one-week value of Colorado Springs practice to allow them to acclimimate to the height, Goff and his teammates gave high ratings to the franchisee collective management of a disturbing and disarming route.

“It was a week in the ages,” said Marcus Peters, Ram’s cornerback. “I was in my house on Thursday night and saw the fire that came, afraid of a mother —— and I got hell without even catching some things. And there were many of us who did. But you know what? The organization took care of us, making sure we did not have anything to worry about and that made us play ball and not stress about the other things. And you saw how we reacted – we did not even train Friday and we came here and handled our business as a pro. “

Left-wing veteran thanked Andrew Whitworth, who donated his entire game control – amounting to about $ 60,000 to support help and recovery efforts for the families of the 12 victims of Wednesday’s Borderline Bar and Grill shooting in Thousand Oaks: “From above, the organization was incredible. The majority of the guys were raised from home with very short notice between 2 and 3 and 19459018, and we were basically told,” Relax. Do not worry about it. Get yours and your families are safe, and we’ll take care of the rest. “It created a mindset where the guys thought,” We do not have to worry about ourselves. Just be ready to play and think about how we can help society. “”

At the beginning of Friday morning drama there was a lot of action on a group text compromised by Rams coaching staff, with defensive coordinator Wade Phillips sending a message that he was evacuated from one’s home. At that time, Sean McVay woke up for work at 4 o’clock on Friday, several of his assistants had sent similar texts and last year’s head coach took a quick decision.

“Sean was amazing,” said assistant manager / linebacker Joe Barry. “He immediately interrupted the practice Friday and basically said:” This is more important. Everyone takes care of your families and does what you need to do. “”

Later on Friday, an email was sent to everyone in Ram’s organization from owner Stan Kroenke, who essentially told his employees to do anything to take care of their families, with a promise that replacements would be coming .

“You want to make people know that they have a little stability for the family – the kids are safe, the dogs are safe and all important things are in place,” Kroenke said after the match. “We tried to do the best job we could do with it under the circumstances, and all responded well. In order for the players to be able to focus on the way they did today, it said a lot. “

The Seahawks (4-6), who lost to Rams in Seattle in early October, were wasted without time to trigger a lot of excitement for their hosts and 72,755 fans at the Colosseum. Fueled by a force-kicking attack that founded 273 meters (including 92 of Ever-Dangerous Quarterback Russell Wilson) took Seattle wagers 7-0 and 14-7 in the first half and continued 21-20 at 4:20 in the third quarter on Wilson’s 23-yard scoring pass to recipient Tyler Lockett. [19659002] At the end, Goff (28 for 39, 318 meters, two touchdowns, no interceptions) and the star Halfback Todd Gurley (16 berries, 120 meters, one TD, three catches, 40 meters) gave Rams enough offensive battles to win The Lost Broad Receiver Cooper Bargain for what seemed to be a serious left knee injury – while All -Universe defensive tackle Aaron Donald (2.5 bags, five quarterback hurries, a game injured) and his co-defenders held Wilson 35 yards away from one last min Outstanding victory.

“To keep up and pull this out,” Donald said, “that meant a lot.”

For Goff, who can now look forward to an exciting Monday night with his Chiefs- counterpart, second-year view Patrick Mahomes, there would be no retrospective.

“I’ve slept in three different places for the last three nights and (Monday) we go to Colorado,” said Goff before meeting showers. “I would like to catch any belongings if I can, and I hope I can go home now.”

About 20 minutes later, Goff left Colosseum, met the highway and headed to his house. This time he did not see anything that burned the device – but once again he had to make an audible call.

“Can not go home,” he said later, via text. “To smoke”.

When he was sleeping in his hotel room on Sunday night, one thing was quite clear: even in times of stress, these frames will not be tracked.

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