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Rajon Rondo of Los Angeles Lakers to undergo surgery on a broken hand

EL SEGUNDO, California – Los Angeles Lakers Point Guard Rajon Rondo will undergo surgery to repair the split third metacarpal…

EL SEGUNDO, California – Los Angeles Lakers Point Guard Rajon Rondo will undergo surgery to repair the split third metacarpal in his right hand.

The team said that Rondo is expected to have surgery after Friday after it probably suffered injury in the fourth quarter on Wednesday’s 126-117 victory over Portland. Rondo is expected to miss three to five weeks after the operation, told a source for ESPN Adrian Wojnarowski.

“We have to shake it off”, said Lakers coach Luke Walton about the important step to losing his veteran backing guard. “Of course, you are always aware of the reality of what’s happening. We do not act as if it did not happen, but we admit it and we move on. As a group, we’ll find out which rotations work best, who manages some responsibilities that give our team the best result of winning. “

” It will be an ongoing job, “added Walton. “Of course, we can not replace what Rondo does for our team and how important he is for our team, but we will not make excuses.”

Rondo has played as Lakers best punishment from the bench sometimes this season. He missed three matches earlier after being suspended for a match with Houston Rockets’ Chris Paul in the second season game. But he helped stabilize the Lakers second unit and finished some games for Walton. Rondo an average of 9.3 points, 6.8 assists, 4.8 rebounds and 1

.1 steals before Wednesday.

Lonzo Ball has started the last 12 matches and should see an increase in minutes. Brandon Ingram, who thrived when playing scout when Ball was injured last season, could also see a few minutes driving the score. And Lance Stephenson had some scoring responsibility earlier this season when Rondo and Ingram both interrupted the Rockets slag.

“Just trying to learn how to control the game better,” Ball said about what he tried to get from Rondo along with being more vocal. “When he comes in, the beat but he wants it to go, get everyone in their places so that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Rondo has been almost as an extra assistant coach, constantly in the ears of Lakers’ young developing players and even organizing film sessions for similar Ball, Ingram and Kyle Kuzma.

Walton once said Rondo is ready to travel Walton said that Rondo already fought to travel with the Lakers on this upcoming trip to Orlando, Miami and Cleveland from Saturday.

“He spoke surprise, surprise, “Walton said on what Rondo did in practice on Thursday.” He spoke a lot. It’s one of the things I love to coach him … So he had a small record on his hand, but he was still out and involved and helped our group get better. “

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