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Rajon Rondo of Los Angeles Lakers deliberately denies spitting on Chris Paul of Houston Rockets

October 23, 2018 Sports 1 Views Los Angeles Lakers watch Rajon Rondo on Tuesday continued to deny that he intentionally…

Los Angeles Lakers watch Rajon Rondo on Tuesday continued to deny that he intentionally spotted Houston Rocket’s guard Chris Paul during Saturday’s turmoil which resulted in suspensions for three players.

Rondo pointed out that he was wearing a nozzle, which would affect his ability to deliberately spit on someone, and said that the league corrected Paul’s “good guy” image when he decided the length of the ban.

“This is the only time I will deal with this” Rondo told ESPN on Tuesday. “I had a mouthpiece in my mouth and I exasperated because I would tell him to” get [expletive] from here. “

” Look at my body language [in the video]. My hands on my hips. I’ll turn around for a second. Watch Eric [Gordon] and Melo [Carmelo Anthony] in the video. If they saw me saliva, they would have turned their face up or something. They had no reaction. “

  • Brandon Ingram interrupted four matches, Rajon Rondo three and Chris Paul two for their parts in a fight between Lakers and Rockets on Saturday.

  • Lakers forward Brandon Ingram said he expected a longer suspension

  • Paul signed Tuesday that he was proud to “stay as” ready as possible “during the event, which resulted in Rondo getting a trespass damn to throw blow and spit on Paul.

    Paul took a two-game cleavage to boil on Rondo’s face and throw blow to him.

    “It’s tough,” Paul said he was turned off. “Someone spits on you, you know. Play this long and it never happened, but that’s what it is.”

    Lakers Brandon Ingram, who began the confrontation when he shot James Harden and began to argue with Judge Jason Phillips, four matches were suspended. [19659002] In his decision, the NBA took a video shooting court that turned out to catch Rondo spotting into Paul’s face at the Staples Center, said league sources to ESPN on Sunday. Rocket’s video staff took footage courtside during the game and it was shared with the league office, sources said.

    “Of course, the NBA went with its side because I got three games and he got two,” Rondo told ESPN. “Everybody wants to believe that Chris Paul is a good guy, they do not know he’s a terrible teammate. They do not know how he treats people. Look what he did last year when he was in LA trying to get to Clipper’s changing room. does not want to believe he is capable of pampering and igniting an event.

    “disappearance and saliva are two different things. He comes out and says I spit and media pages with it. “

    When asked about Sundays about Rondo Spit on Paul, Lakers coach Luke Walton said” No. “

    Rajon Rondo was suspended three games to throw strokes Jayne Kamin-Oncea / USA TODAY Sports

  • “You play me with these tricks or these mind games, manipulating the evidence,” Rondo said to ESPN on Tuesday . “It’s not that I intentionally spit on you with my body language as it were.”

    “One, if I spit you at the bottom line, there will be no point of thumb. If you felt I’m just kidding you then all the efforts are turned off. Two, look at my body language. If I spit on you with the will, I will be ready for a man to turn on me. You will not have my hands on my hip and my head looks at someone if I spit on them. When [expletive] goes down, within 30 seconds, do you drive and tell side-line reporters to spy on you? If I’m spotting you, try to come to me. You do not try to make a story so you can look like a good guy. It makes no sense to me.

    “I would rest. I would not say much. But now I have children and I teach my children to speak for themselves and do not let the world tell of their history.”

    After the incident, Rondo said that he provoked to throw a blow after Paul pointed a finger on his face and left a scratch under his right eye, said league sources.

    “It’s bigger than basketball Now, for all, for the league, that side is trying to spin like this … all this spitgate, Rondo ESPN told Tuesday.” Try to blame me without being responsible for anything he did to provoke the situation. “

    Paul started serving his suspension on Sunday night and missed the Rock’s loss for LA Clippers. He will also miss Wednesday’s game against Utah before returning Friday to Clippers.

    Rondo and Ingram started serving their suspensions during Monday’s overtime loss to Spurs. The Lakers then play Phoenix, home against Denver and San Antonio.

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