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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion: Hands with Kaid and Nomad

Ubisoft just revealed Operation Wind Bastion, next season of content on its way to its tactical shooter, Tom Clancy's Rainbow…

Ubisoft just revealed Operation Wind Bastion, next season of content on its way to its tactical shooter, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. The upgrade of its third year after launch, supports the update of the fast-paced African heat in the midst of a heavenly Moroccan fortress.

Operation Wind Bastion maintains the default template for previous seasons, including two new operators, a multiplayer map and a variety of content. And while these additions will not change how you play, it ends another year on a high listing. After two hours of Operation Wind Bastion before launch, here’s what we learned.

Category Spec
Ability Rtila Electroclaw
Primary AUG A3
Secondary .44 Mag Semi-Auto
Gadget Staple
Impact Grenade
Armor 3/3
Speed 1/3 Price 600 R6 Credits

Jalal “Kaid” El Fassi forms half of Operation Vind Bastion’s playable duo, posed as resident commander and mentor of turbulent kasbah. This defensive operator delivers an electrifying twist on protective measures, excellent by his high voltage “Rtila Electroclaw.” The smooth gadget locks onto a surface via a spindle-shaped design that spreads a deadly charge over nearby enhancements and player-equipped gadgets.

Rtila Electroclaw uses a form factor comparable to Ela’s Grzmot Mine, binding to planar surfaces, electrifying adjacent conductive gadgets, and visualized by a screen perimeter. This large power range also allows multiple devices to be chained via a single RTA, and the full contact requirement disappears.

Chain Kaids Rtila Electroclaw can create impressive results.

Due to its compact nature, Rtila stands for formidable verticality, establishing the first solution for electrifying gaps from below. This can further promote creativity among defenders, enabling new location configurations and decreasing predictability. To make it easier to hide the water source, Kaid can be challenging for hard wrestlers.

Backing Kaid’s debut is two firearms that complement his ability to unlock the goal. His AUG A3 puts a 9mm twist on the existing weapon, resulting in reduced stop power and buffered fire speed. Conversely, the TCSG12 semi-auto shotgun packs a fatal blow, which complicates high damage when they are close to each other. And while only a secondary, the .44 Mag Semi-Auto is both hard-wearing and smooth and distinguishes itself through its clear range.

Kaid is not innovative or extravagant but can be based on early hours with Operation Wind Bastion how the goal is reached. His one-speed, three-armor setup makes it an ideal object anchor that contrasts his roam-friendly counterpart, Bandit. While his Shock Wire can be overshadowed by Electroclaw, increased agility can cut different roles for both operators among the defensive set-up.

Nomad: Driving like the wind

Category Spec
Ability [19659009] Airjab Launcher
Primary AK-74M
Secondary . 44 Mag Semi-Auto
Gadget Stun Grenade
Breach Charge
Armor [19659009] 2/3 2/3 [19659000] Price 600 R6 Credits

Sanaa ” Nomad “El Maktoub is as promising as a student of Kaid and skills based on training expeditions. As the game’s first offensive precipitation operator, she is primed to sweep the contest, using the signature “Airjab Launcher.” This device encounters proximity shock wave charges, which quickly throw enemies to the ground after detonation.

Mounted on both Nomad’s attack guns, Airjab Launcher operates as an alternative fire mode, similar to Buck’s Skeleton Key shotgun. These charges are almost anywhere, with a proximity sensor and a vibrant yellow light while they are dormant. At detonation, a sharp shock wave drives backwards, followed by a short recovery animation. Although Airjab will not handle damage, it opens a window of vulnerability for a simple death.

Veterans can recognize this animation from Operation Chimera’s Outbreak Cooperative Mode, which is clearly recycled for a multiplayer debut. However, the ability feels fresh in the hands of the players, while the defenders are on the edge. And yes, like Outbreak’s Smasher, charging will throw you into destructible areas, which often leads to comic meetings.

Nomads Airjab Launcher turns any operator off his feet.

Nomad has the choice of two assault rifles, both equipped with the Airjab Launcher bracket. AK-74M is a high-capacity gun, while her ARX200 increases damage at the expense of few bullets. There is no big difference here, but both are well suited for kasbah’s open sight lines. .44 Mag Semi-Auto also returns with its beautiful range, which proves to be as useful in terms of the crime.

While Kaid is established at well-known foundations, Nomad offers a new benefit from the attacking role. It is obvious that she will require time to use effectively, but only a few hours show her potential.

Fortress map: Play from all angles

Operation Wind Bastion also provides a new multiplayer map, “Fortress,” in line with the Moroccan theme of the season. Following an agreement with Commander Kaid, the team Rainbow Six will fight it out in a mudbrick kasbah in the middle of the Atlas Mountains. Divided into two distinct zones, there is a glossy renovated suite for the populated commander and a deteriorated training zone for elite soldiers.

Operation Wind Bastion shows the team’s improved map design process, with recent seasons committed to entertaining, competitive play. Despite its tight furnishings, halls and interconnected rooms also offer long sight lines, packing the welcome range in meetings. And with roof access that tears existing map, Favela, provides multiple entry points necessary verticality.

Like most Rainbow Six Siege maps, you need dozens of matches to explore the nuances and form final views. To start, Fortress should be a welcome extension of the map route.

As Rainbow Six Siege’s final major update of 2018, there’s no better time to get started, from just $ 27 on Amazon. What are your thoughts about Operation Wind Bastion? Let us know in the comments box below.

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