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Rain falls overnight, when snow strikes on Sunday

ROCKFORD (WREX) – Two rounds of wet weather will make Stateline a damp and potentially snowy move on Monday. Light…

ROCKFORD (WREX) – Two rounds of wet weather will make Stateline a damp and potentially snowy move on Monday.

Light rain continues to stay steady overnight before it is dried up at sunrise on Saturday. Rainfall is below 1/4 “. Together with windy winds blowing up to 25 km / h, the weather may feel cold and humid during much of the night. The temperature will, however, remain in the 40’s tonight and keep ice away from the roads.

Saturday will be a break between storms. The weather stays dry, windy and mostly cloudy all day, with heights in the mid 40’s. Next round wet weather starts Saturday night.

Next storm gives snow wells on Sunday, and sometimes Winter Storm Watches have been issued to make people aware of the heavy snow thunder. A low pressure area will slide somewhere between Missouri, Iowa and Illinois, and will have enough moisture and cold air for to drop heavy amounts of snow in spots. We are currently near or below the heaviest snowfall of the shoulder depending on the model you are looking at. The models do not have a consistency wait for the storm anyway, and any slight change in the storm’s path leads to major changes in the snow levels.

The models are divided into 2 camps still tonight. A set holds a northern trail, which gives a little more rain early then lighter amounts of snow. East Iowa and southern Wisconsin would get the heavy snowfall in this scenario. Many of the rest have the storm more in the south, which means heavy snowfall just above us. 2 “to 6” + looks as possible between Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin from this storm.

If you or someone you know is traveling on Sunday, make sure they are aware of what the weather can cause at the end of the weekend. Although heavy snow does not fall in Stateline, other areas nearby may see the higher amounts. Travelers will be affected as they move around in the Midwest.

Please keep track of the forecast as it evolves. As Sunday goes closer, the models will get a much better deal on what might be in the store in the region. Confidence for where the low pressure tracks become much clearer and when it happens snowfall falls in total.

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