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Raiders takeaways: What we learned from 20-6 loss for chargers

BOX SCORE OAKLAND – Raider's defense played as well as it had at a time. The selected game also started.…


OAKLAND – Raider’s defense played as well as it had at a time. The selected game also started.

There were positive moments in Sunday AFC West clash with LA Charges at the Colosseum, but a predictably negative result.

Silver and Black were beaten 20-6 by a far better team that ultimately did enough games to put this game to bed.

Raidersna led their fifth successive loss and fourth in a row to rival Ladder, who continued to next year’s No. 1 total draft position.

Here are three takeaways from the game:

Crime stuck in the mud

Raiders found the final zone late in the third quarter of a loss for Indianapolis Colts in week 8, but they have now gone nine consecutive quarters

] Coach Jon Gruden has been stagnant for several weeks, with a horrible passport attack stymied by poor passport and dubious play from the skill positions.

They could not get anything against chargers, and wiped out a solid defensive effort. They were down two points on their way into the fourth quarter, but the crime had plenty of opportunity to secure a lead.

Their best chance came from fourth and goal from the 1

-yard line. The horror demanded a jet sweep to Dwayne Harris, who failed to turn up and score. It was a spokesman for Raiders, who moved the ball well at the tips but struggled to score.

Derek Carr was detained four times a day and has been dismissed at least three times in four of the last five games. Downfield passes the game is virtually nonexistent, and Raiders have no dynamic receiving threats along tight Jared Cook. This makes life take turns in pieces or moves the ball consistently.

Although the defense has been heavily criticized in recent weeks (and deservedly so), the crime has fought vigorously and regressed over the last month’s plus. It has failed to make a touchdown in three of its last four games.

In the ultimate concession, Carr hit the fourth down, even though it was 14 points late with about three minutes left. The raiders shouted uncle there, can not find the end zone with a device that struggles doing something right.

Big Games Still Hacking Raiders Defense

It was a lot to like how Raiders played defense against Laddare. The coverage was solid throughout, and the pass rate could sometimes generate some heat.

As usual, however, Raiders have a tendency to give up big games. Philip Rivers threw a short pass to Melvin Gordon, who juked cornerback Gareon Conley and made security Reggie Nelson whiff on a 66-yard catch and drove for a chargers touchdown. Just like that, the Raiders were down two points with a crime that fought hard.

Big games have hurt Raiders throughout the season, especially with runs and give up long games from short passes.

It was the case again Sunday. The raiders will have difficulty winning games with teams that can score points quickly and easily.

Townsend Turns It Around

Johnny Townsend has been strongly criticized for this site during a rough start to his New Year’s season. The space must then be given to a solid view of the Florida product.

Townsend flashed surprisingly fast at a fake point, where he ran to the left for 42 meters. It seemed to get his adrenaline up, and he followed it with his best day as an NFL point. He was an average of 54 meters on three points and sat inside the ladder’s 10-yard line.

Raidersna has shown patience with his points, and he rewarded them for Sunday.

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