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Raiders report card: Rating of crime, defense after loss to Ravens

BALTIMORE – There was not much drama on Sunday's 34-17 loss for Ravens. Raiders did not have Derek Carr and…

BALTIMORE – There was not much drama on Sunday’s 34-17 loss for Ravens. Raiders did not have Derek Carr and Jon Gruden screaming at each other sideways. There were no controversial conversations or registry sets.

This was just a template that made a better team.


The Ravens played primary school, boy football and ran Raiders down on victory track. Silver and Black were not bad, but they could not compete because of a sharp talent difference even against a close-up .500 Ravens team.

The effort was there. However, the performance was not.

Let’s rate each phase of the Raiders game in this week’s report card.

Rushing Offense

Doug Martin went well in the beginning but the game was largely discontinued after the Raiders came behind him. He had 51

meters on 11 berries, but other rushers could not get much steam in limited work.

The gun could not just commit to the running game he did last week in Arizona after falling behind several points.

Rating: C

Passing Offense

The air attack was synchronized most of the day, and it was not all Carrs wrong. His passport was bad, especially along the stretch and got three bags in a row. Recipients dropped several passes and did not have much speed in the pattern to keep Raven’s secondary honest.

Carr was not as accurate as usual in this, especially when Raiders needed to mount a comeback.


After the match, Gruden said if you can not stop the inner run, “you have no chance to quit anything else.” He’s right. That was the reason for a pretty horrible day at the office of players who knew what was coming and could still not stop the Ravens field play.

Rating: F

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Pass Defense

Jackson had a 58.4 pass grade, with only 178 meters, one touchdown and two interceptions. Raiders secondary had two choices for the second consecutive week, including one of Marcus Gilchrist in the final zone. Reggie Nelson had one in the Ravens territory.

Oakland’s defensive backs play better in recent weeks, but they are still far from perfect. They must continue to cut down on big mistakes.

Rating: B-minus

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Special Team

The tip game is terrible. No other word for it. Johnny Townsend had several underwhelming efforts and an average of only 31.5 meters per point.

The deck coverage team enabled a 70-yard return for a touchdown that had the fury of the fire. Although there were free agents specifically to assist in special teams, this device is not good enough.

Kicker Daniel Carlson was a bright spot and hit his sixth consecutive field goal, this from 42 meters.

Rating: F


The raiders were outmanned. Easy and easy. They struggled to stop running the game, and everything fell apart after that, ensuring their 13th losing season for the past 16 years, with Kansas City Chiefs up next. Finding the next win can take some time.

Rating: D

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