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Rabie's death: The last photo of Brit, who died of cat bites that agonizing in recent months revealed

The nephew's nephew, who died after being bitten by a rabid cat in Morocco, has told how his uncle suffers…

The nephew’s nephew, who died after being bitten by a rabid cat in Morocco, has told how his uncle suffers anxiety for two months.

Nabil Jellal, 38, was at Omar Zouhri bed just after he died.

He had been in horror for weeks when his uncle deteriorated, struggling to move, swallow or breathe.

Omar died in the same hospital, died his daughter Amira, four, 10 years ago

Nabil told the mirror the brave dad, 58, struck desperately rabies before finally succumbed to it on November 4. Omar had been bitten on August 30th.

Omar pictured in Morocco on vacation

] He said about his last days: “He was calm but he still struggled. He tried to fight it and did not let him go.”

Nabil said Omar was out of a family home with his 12-year-old son in the northern city of Meknes when the cat jumped up and lowered his index finger

He eventually struck the animal away, but two children nearby, who were known to him, were also bitten .

Nabil told how Omar took the children to the hospital to be treated and received a stump injection. 19659002] But when he returned to the United Kingdom on 5 September, a doctor in Morocco told Omar to seek emergency medical care because the children had died.

Nabil said that the father, who also had an 11-year-old daughter, received a series of vaccinations in mid-September, but it was too late.

Omar, left, with a friend in Meknes

The disease went slow over the next six weeks. 19659002] Nabil said, “In October he began to get pain in his finger. The doctors gave him antibiotics and cream.”

“His muscles began to spasm so I told him he had to go to hospital.”

He was at home for four or five days in pain, vomiting, with headache, unable to swallow, so he found it very difficult to eat. Stoke Mandeville Hospital checked him out.

“At this point, more symptoms emerged. He could not move cold, he could not have water beside him, his arm was dead.”

Two days before he died, Omar was sent from the hospital in Aylesbury, Bucks , to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

The family was told, “We are sorry, he has rabies and he is deteriorating overnight.” Nabil continued: “They put him in a room and we had to wear protective clothes to see him.”

Omar was in the northern Morrocan city of Meknes when he became bitten

“He tried to go up and talk, try to fight it and do not let it go beat him.

“The doctor told me he had two days a week to live. We were all destroyed. We came back on Saturday November 3rd.

He could barely move, he was calm, but he still struggled and tried to get up. He spoke a little, some of his last words were asking us to take care of his family. “

On the morning of November 4, the family was told Omar had difficulty breathing.

As you rushed to the hospital and received another phone call, they said they had died.

Nabil said,” We were heartbreaking, just raw shock. The whole family is broken by this. [19659000] The rabies virus is transmitted in saliva of raven animals by scratches or bites

Omar had lived in Aylesbury for 30 years after returning from Morocco.

He worked in a kebab shop with Nabil before stopping to take care of Mrs. Chadia, who has suffered a disease.

Nabil said, “He was a family man, he did everything for his children. He was always fit and healthy, and one Such kind, caring, loving man.

He had the highest laugh and a radiant humor. He loved Manchester City and should always talk about them.

Omar, with a friend in Morocco, lived in Aylesbury for 30 years

“Nobody had a bad word to say about him.” Omar went back to Morocco for a month every summer to see family and friends.

Nabil and his own family had been with their uncle this year for a two week break in Morocco.

The former restaurant worker left a few days before Omar became bitten.

Omar in Morocco

Nabil took a series of pictures of Omar, friends and family. The last picture of his uncle shows him in his hospital bed the night before his transfer to Oxford.

Omar daughter Amira died there in her mother’s arms after suffering several organ failure while being treated for leukemia.

Nabil said, “This family has gone through tough, tough times. It has been difficult.”

He added the latest tragedy: “He was an appropriate healthy man, he should not have died. Children have also died because of this cat. It is so so sad. “

Omar’s death was the latest tragedy that hit the family

Rabies is sent in saliva of straight animals through scratches or bites. There is no cure, but the disease is vaccine-preventable. It is almost always deadly when symptoms occur.

These include fever, headache, unhealthy injury, or bites or ropes may begin to burn or tear. Others who may appear later are muscle spasms and irrational fears, such as fear of water.

Travelers are urged to seek emergency medical assistance if they have been in contact with animals in infected countries.

Public Health England says anyone is “bitten, scratched or licked” must “wash the place with soap and water and immediately seek medical attention.”

Nabil added: “I want to get the message, everyone who goes abroad, be careful. Do not get in touch with dogs or cats.”

“Vaccine as soon as possible if you do. You can see what is done for our family. “

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