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R. Kelly's daughter condemns him as a monster among prosecutions

January 11, 2019 Entertainment 2 Views Robin Marchant / Getty ImagesInstagram Buku Abi the secluded daughter of R. Kelly speaks…

 R. Kelly, daughter Buku Abi

Robin Marchant / Getty Images

Buku Abi the secluded daughter of R. Kelly speaks out among accusations against her father.

Considering her Instagram story on Thursday, the artist wrote to her followers: “Buku here. I just want to say a few things … Before I start I just want it to be known that I speak from the heart, nothing I’m saying or not saying is hurting any party reading this or being affected by it. “

” To the people who feel I should talk up / against everything It happens right now. I just want everyone to understand that the devastation is an understatement for everything I know at the moment, Buku continued. “I apologize for my silence over everything that happens as careless. That is my last intention. I pray for all families and women who have been affected by my father’s actions. Trust, I’ve been deeply affected by all this. “

” However, it has been very difficult to process everything. Let’s just gather all the right words to express everything I know, “Buku continued.” Anyone who knows me personally or has followed me over the years knows that I have no relationship with my father. I’m not talking either to him or to his account. I am also not happy to handle my personal problems or personal problems through social media, but I feel that things are starting to come out of hand. “

 Buku Abi, R. Kelly


” Unfortunately, for my own personal reasoning, and for my whole family, I have been in Greetings to him, his life decisions and his last name, it has been years since my sisters and I have seen or talked to him “she continued her message.” As for my mother [] Andrea Lee ] she for the same reasoning and more, has not seen or spoken to my father this year. My mother, siblings and I would never condemn, support or be part of anything negative he has done and continues to do in his life. “

” By going through everything I have gone through in my life, I never want anyone to know the pain I have known, “Buku told his followers.” Reminders of how terrible my father is and how to speak against him, rude comments about my family, the production of me, my siblings and our mother’s part “etc. Does not my family (Me, my sister, my brother and my mother) help in our healing process, nor does it allow a safe space for other victims afraid to speak up, speak up. “

 Buku Abi, R. Kelly


” The same monster you all confront me is my father, Buku said in the message. ” I am well aware of who and what he is. I grew up in that house. My choice not to talk about him and what he does is for my peace of mind. My emotional state and for MY healing. I have to do & ask me in a way that is best for me. I ask someone who reads this understand I put nothing but good intention behind every word. “

Buku added that it took her” nearly 3 days to write this. “

” I just want everyone to know that I care and I love you all, “she continued.” This is a very difficult subject to talk about … again, I apologize for my words not comes out right .. “

” To all who have reached out to my family and I, send good energy and love … Thank you. You really helped us drive us during this difficult time. This year for my family has been very difficult, all love and support you all continue to show is why we continue. You burn us all, “Buku concluded his message.” Family, friends, followers, fans, etc … I love you in pieces. Your love is appreciated and will always be. “

R. Kelly has consistently denied any allegations of abuse or irregularity over the years.

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