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R. Kelly documentary screening was evacuated because of threats

Theater administration at NeueHouse Madison Square evacuated the building after taking a hot phone call, told a NYPD spokesman for…

Theater administration at NeueHouse Madison Square evacuated the building after taking a hot phone call, told a NYPD spokesman for CNN.

An unknown caller said if the movie continued to play, someone inside the theater would start shooting, said the spokesman.

“As a precaution, the network chose to evacuate the building. Our panel’s security and security, guests and staff are vital for life,” said the network.

The trusses were unmatched, said a spokesman for NeueHouse Madison Square. “We followed appropriate security protocols in collaboration with NYPD and chose to postpone the event. We stand for the creative women who show these heroic stories.”

Lifetime describes the upcoming series as a survey of the controversial singer where women emerge “with new allegations of sexual, mental and physical abuse.”

Kelly has long been subject to allegations of sexual abuse and abuse of women and girls. He has denied any misunderstanding and has not been charged with any crimes that are linked to the women’s allegations.

Those involved in the film and other presence called the threat an attempt to scare and silence Kellys prosecutor.

“Calling an unprecedented threat to NYPD to suspend our screening is a desperation of people who do not want these truths shared with the world,” said Executive Producer and Showrunner Dream Hampton in an email to CNN. 1

9659002] “The survivors who boldly sat with me for these documentaries know everything good what R. Kelly can, each of them has stories that he is being abused and controlled by him.”

Some of these women were on private screening, along with others who have come to Kelly earlier, said activist Tarana Burke, who appeared in the film and was on screen.

Also presence was Gretchen Carlson, who showed a trailer for her upcoming lifetime series and several prominent writers and social media influences including Jamilah Lemieux and Feminista Jones.

Evacuation came in for 20 to 30 minutes, Burke told CNN. A life-giving executive went into the theater with a security team saying that they had a threat.

When the participants went out, the police set a perimeter outside the arena, she said. Burke and others began to immediately share news about evacuation on social media.

“We do not want the one who tries to scare us and shut down the situation to feel they won, because the doc will fly and the stories will tell,” she said.

“These women who come to tell about their stories are innocent victims. They volunteer to show their lives on display – they do not deserve this kind of harassment.”

Some women were visibly upset as they left the site, said the lawyer for civil law Anurima Bhargava. Evacuation came to a point in the movie where Kelly’s background was explored and the atmosphere inside the theater was gloomy.

So suddenly the tone of the event became angry as participants – many of whom had traveled from across the country – realized what had happened.

“This is the playbook. Every time you have voices there is a very strong effort to stop them,” she said. “It’s a re-traumatization.”

CNNs Mark Morales and Sandra Gonzalez contributed to this story.

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