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All quiet on the west frontA book movie adaptation, and in many ways the very important WW1 movie, was the…

All quiet on the west front

A book movie adaptation, and in many ways the very important WW1 movie, was the first film to win the Academy Awards for both the best movie and the best director. Lewis Milestone took a humanistic view of a group of young Germans prepared during the Great War.


Peter Weir’s beautifully shot 1981 war film is shifting the action to Australia, especially the bloody battle against the Turks and the young idealist soldiers from the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who died in it.

A very long engagement

Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s 2004 mystery has a love story with a touch of imagination. What happens if you were told that your fiancée had died in the war but you refused to believe it? Mathild’s investigation of what happened in the excavations reveals a cruel moral system of bankruptcy and makes you realize that war crashes extend far beyond the battlefield.

Television Program:

37 days

The BBC mini series is only three episodes long but they are full of detail and great narrative. The series covers the 37 days before the First World War from the assassination of the archduke Franz Ferdinand from Austria to the United Kingdom, declaring war against Germany. There is a lot of diplomatic intrigue, a gradual construction of the horrors to come and take a look at the irresponsible decisions that precipitated the bloodbath.


Based on The Other ANZACs, a critically acclaimed book that uses diary entries, letters, photographs and historical documents, looks at nurses from the Australian Army Care Service in Gallipoli and the West Front. It’s never a boring moment. Or a section that does not break your heart.


Eddie Redmayne stars in the BBC One adaptation of Sebastian Faulk’s novel. Two episodes lyrically cover the story of young lovers divided in many ways through the war as the old world alliances crumble.

19659002] Ken Follett

There are a lot of period details in the intertwined stories about the families, communities and dynasties that make up this epic 850 page novel introduced in the years before and during the war.

The African Queen

CS Forester

Viewed in Tanzania and an excellent example of the great effects of the war, it is a story of Rose Sayer retrieving his brother’s death (which she believes was killed by the Germans ), with the help of Charlie Allnut, a shipowner.

Testament of Youth

Vera Brittain

What was the war like for women? This memoir from an Oxford student who stood as a nurse in England, Malta and France as part of the British Army’s Volunteer Assistant Department offers a healthcare vision. It’s honest and cool – nobody wins.

First World War

John Keegan

A book to explain everything? The book includes military tactics, geopolitical strategies, match accounts and diplomatic relations. It’s a quick reading.

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Games: You can almost see the limits of world map moving and areas become bloodier as you read. Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 has been praised by players and historians for their accuracy and ethics. Gameplay does not spoil death and disease; The plan, the tank, the poison gas, the cavalry and infantry are in place. And it’s a versatile story, which means traveling the world (France, Arabia, America), completes missions, avoids villains and profiteers. The game’s trailer was YouTube’s most popular when it was released in 2016.

Podcast: Podcasts

Dipping into an episode random (Armstice, wartime, dishes, Christmas celebrations, letters) or listen to them all one by one. The collection composed of the Imperial War Museums is part of the First World War’s century partnership, a network of local, regional, national and international cultural and educational organizations set up to create a repository of new and archival information about the war.

Indiana Warrior

Indiana Neidell

To tell how everything was developed in real time, historian Indiana Neidell told the story of the First World War through a 10-minute YouTube documentary series every week in 2014. The war covers Europe, Africa and Persia, showing the complicated policy that was bubbled into war. Think of it as a way to foam headlines and short tags from 100 years ago.

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