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Questioned and answered: December 6th

Let's take it: HERSCHEL DINKINS FROM POUGHKEEPSIE, NY: With Trey Edmund's promotion to 53-man roster James Conner will miss significant…

Let’s take it:

HERSCHEL DINKINS FROM POUGHKEEPSIE, NY: With Trey Edmund’s promotion to 53-man roster James Conner will miss significant playing time? What about the depth is Jaylen Samuels now our No. 1 back?
ANSWER: I do not know anything at all at this time, but my guess would be that the roster movement that was done at driving back would indicate that James Conner is expected to miss more than one game, but I do not even think that the medical staff knows for sure here time how many more than one will be. And the rest of this week’s training, and more importantly, the results during the game against Raiders will determine the depth chart when it comes to running back during Conner’s absence.

BRIAN DONOHUE FROM WHITE PLAINS, MD: With all the deserved rebellion over the official, I have barely seen Chris Boswell’s missed extra point, which I would argue for, also had an impact on the loss. While there was a point in a three-point loss, if Steelers is up with 24-7, the chargers probably do not take two on their two extra-point attempts. What happens to Boswell this year, and is Steelers considering a change now, or possibly in the offseason?
ANSWER: Chris Boswell missed his fifth extradot in 201

8 last Sunday night and in the last three seasons he had missed only three combined. Based on Boswell’s record with the team – and in particular how many times Steelers won the game because of his last second goal in the field – I do not think the team seems to make a change there this season. Remember, the team signed him in 2018 to a four-year contract of $ 16,806,000, including a $ 6 million signing bonus, guaranteed $ 7.295 million, according to My personal opinion is that Boswell has been involved in too many critical situations for Steelers to give him up so quickly. I would not make a change this season, and probably not next season either. Work with him, try to correct what’s wrong, bring some competition in the offseason, but Boswell has a track record that can not be denied. At least not yet.

JAMES GARRETT FROM PAGOSA SPRINGS, CO: Your comment that fans’ opinions about the quality of NFL officiating have no weight with the league is interesting, but would your answer be the same if the question was about TV viewing instead? [19659003] ANSWER: I respect your passion, but officers have been bad for some time now, and nothing very substantively has changed, either at NFL level or in the interests of fans in sports. I refer to this story of TV ratings written by Michael David Smith and appeared on on November 28th: ​​

“On Thanksgiving, all three matches had more viewers this year than last year. The early game in Detroit was up 7 percent from last year, the late afternoon game in Dallas was up 16 percent from last year and the primetime game was 28 percent higher than last year.

“On Monday evening, ESPN received 18 percent more viewers than week 12 last year. On Sunday evening, NBC gained 8 percent more viewers than last year.

“The only one of NFL’s eight broadcast windows that was not from week 12 last year was the FOX afternoon game, which was five percent lower. FOX’s loss was CBS’s win, with the early game of CBS that increased in viewing by 26 percent from last year, and the late afternoon game at CBS increased a total of 19 percent from last year.

“NFL is now comfortable before last year, and the stories about the league’s television scores begin to feel like a distant memory.” [19659002] DAVE EMERY FROM PITTSBURGH, PA: Did Mike Tomlin make a big mistake by not having an adequate backup available to James Conner by probably Le Veon Bell?
ANSWER: How to know Do you think Stevan Ridley and / or Jaylen Samuels are not enough fillings for the time James Conner will have to recover from his unbroken harm? And did you believe in your wildest dreams, Leon Veon Bell would lose $ 14.5 million by sitting out all season? I did not know that.

NATE FERRICK FROM PITTSBURGH, PA: Should Steelers drive Kelvin Benjamin when he was released recently from the bills? Could add the big bodied recipient to our potential crime.
ANSWER: I’ll start with some facts about Kelvin Benjamin’s career, and then I let the media cover his team take it from there. Benjamin was a first round draft of the Carolina Panthers 2014 and ended with 1,008 receiving lap as a rookie 2014 and another 941 in 2016 after a torn ACL cost him the 2015 season. His quarterback in Carolina was Cam Newton, who once voted NFL MVP , but he criticized Newton for The Athletics Tim Graham: “If you would have sat with another quarterback, let’s be real, do you know what I’m saying?”

Benjamin was then traded to Buffalo for the third and seventh round draft pickings, and this is what Leo Roth of Rochester Democrat and Chronicle wrote about him on December 4:

“Almost at the beginning of the season, Buffalo Bill’s coach Sean McDermott was asked about the efforts of broad recipient Kelvin Benjamin and their attitude. They lost their passes, the half-hearted The effort goes after less than perfect throw, jogging downfield.

“” Sometimes. But not all the time. Sometimes McDermott said on October 3 when asked about Benjamin’s a strings. “I would say the same with all our crimes. Sometimes I see it and sometimes it’s not good enough. “” Not good enough “has finally got Benjamin’s jogging, it goes paper.”

If someone put a gun in my head and made me choose to add Benjamin or Martavis Bryant, I would take Bryant in my heart.

ISRAEL CATANO FROM ARTESIA, CA: When Steelers blocked the tip on Sunday night against chargers, I think it was a review of some kind and during that review, the broadcast crew entered an ex-official and he stated that it was a review because Jaylen Samuels had touched the ball and that it was alive. Because it was blocked by Steelers, is it a direct ball immediately?
ANSWER: If a blocked point passes the Scrimmage line, it should be treated in the same way as any other point passing the Scrimmage line. That is: it can not be advanced by the kick team; if it is affected by the fire, it is dead at that place; it can be returned by the return team; and if it is affected by the return team and not obsessed it is a live ball.

IAN DRIPPS FROM WATAUGA, TX: Do you think it would be great to have an eighth official in the booth to look for missed missed calls? They can buzz down and let the referee know in seconds and get the conversation correctly.
ANSWER: It sounds good in theory, but adding another guy to the crew can lead to the eighth guy wanting to justify his presence; it can lead to the eighth guy who wants to have an impact on the game instead of just inserting say when it is absolutely necessary. In many cases, more is not better, and I think more officials would not be better anyway.

CALEB MOORE FROM ARLINGTON, VA: When a quarterback knees at the end of a half, even though his knee is down, he has not been touched by a defender. Is not the game still alive at that time?
ANSWERS: In NFL, a player with the ball can “give up” at any place in the field and the game is dead at that time. He does not need to move a defender. A quarterback that snaps and knees down is recognized as “giving up”.

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