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“Quake Champions” cribs from “Fortnite” with a paid Battle Pass

December 5, 2018 Technology 0 Views The battle costs 1,000 platinum (about $ 10, if you pay directly). You can…

The battle costs 1,000 platinum (about $ 10, if you pay directly). You can also pay to increase the 200 Platinum levels (about $ 2) if you’re just impatient. You can also expect significant changes to the existing progression system. You can no longer earn new rucksacks or coffins, and id customizes to earn Shards so they unlock stuff and new characters.

The update will not only rotate around the economy. The creators revive the Capture the Flag after a long absence in the franchise Quake and there is a new CTF-focused map (Citadel) at the same time.

Champions & # 39; Progression change is not surprising. The game has been free to play for a while, but you usually have to pay if you want to unlock many of the warriors (you can also pay to unlock them all at once). A Fortnite -like Battle Pass not only provides a steady stream of money to developers, it gives you an incentive to continue playing. Having said that, not everyone is satisfied &#821

1; there is concern among players that the team is more interested in making money on the game than dealing with technical issues and adding more raw content.

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