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Purdue coaches can not wait to mold young talent in bowl practices

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More: Music City Bowl selection story | Music City Bowl notebook | Blow excited for his first ever bowl game

During bowl practices, the future of Purdue’s football program will get on the field.

The general belief is that for college programs, the allotted 15 bowl practices are a vital element towards program development, an additional set of winter workouts while half the football bowl. Subdivision programs idle.

Purdue, selected to play Auburn in The Music City Bowl, will conduct its first bowl practice session Friday, maybe looking to get more reps for the 20 or so freshmen or redshirt freshmen who were on the travel roster for the regular season final at Indiana, but received little to no playing time this season. Det er en sikker antagelse at alle 20 spillere og flere reserver vil få en masse tidligt arbejde i disse bowlpraksis.

“Under disse skålpraksis, dette er hvor vi virkelig kommer til grind i det og næsten til en punkt kind of start over with some of those young guys and get to reintroduce them to the offense and what we are doing and what we expect, “Purdue co-offensive coordinator and wide receiver coach JaMarcus Shephard said on Nov. 20.

Shephard may get to work more with freshman receivers Amad Anderson, Jordan Bonner and Kory Taylor more in this month than the previous three months combined. The Boilermaker wide receiver coach said two weeks ago bowl practices are when those young players, who are practicing but have been settled on the idea that they will probably not see the field in the 201

8 season, now have some immediate consequences to their actions.

“It’s not like a game, because a lot of those young guys are not playing right now,” Shephard said. “Those bowl practices are something we try to treat them like games and so, hey, there is going to be some pressure on you to perform. The expectation is to learn these concepts and know what you’re doing once you get into spring ball. ‘re kind of already behind the 8 ball.’

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However, Purdue coach Jeff Brohm said Sunday at the program’s Music City Bowl media conference that the Boilermakers will not use all 15 practices, a common stance for Brohm-led programs. Brohm said he always wants to stress the importance of giving his players time to recover from injuries, focus on semester finals and mentally recharge for the season finale.

“I think it’s important that we keep somewhat the same schedule we had last year, which means I want our guys to have a break. På samme tid, vi kommer til å trenge treningsøkter i vektsalongen og kondisjonen. Vi kommer til å komme ut på det praktiske området, med start på fredagen, men det kommer inte bli en daglig sak. We are on the road, quite a bit recruiting, as well. We want to make sure we finish that off. “

Brohm hinted Sunday at bowl practices could be a testing ground for younger talent for no other reason than trying to make sure key veterans get to the Dec. 28 game at full health. With the new NCAA redshirt rule in place and Purdue in no danger of losing the year for any freshmen other than Rondale Moore, Jaylan Alexander and Jeff Marks, Brohm suggested freshmen could see playing time in this game vs. Auburn.

“Yes, everyone is on the table right now, so there’s a chance that quite a few guys who either have barely played or have not played that all could participate in this game,” Brohm said. “Like I said, we will use this month to see if they are ready to go, and if they have been working hard and putting in the time, you would think that guys who are not happy that they are not playing would step up and get it done , but we’ve got to see exactly how they practice. “

With defensive tackle Lorenzo Neal already out for the bowl game after injuring his knee in the regular season final at Indiana, Brohm knows Purdue can have afford to lose any more key talent before they take the field against a traditional Southeastern Conference power.

“We will use the time we need to prepare the young guys for the future, which I think we’ll do a more thorough job of this year than last year intensity of that. That’ll be fun. ” Brohm said. “You know, we’ve got to get to the game as healthy as we can but also be prepared and also be fresh.”

Part of Brohm’s philosophy has always been to treat the bowl game as a year- than reward for his players and by doing so, they will be more likely to perform at a high level. Last season Purdue was a 2.5-point underdog to Arizona and pulled off a 38-35 victory in the Foster Farms Bowl. Brohm’s programs are currently undefeated in bowl games, but it should be noted Nick Holt was the interim coach for Western Kentucky’s 51-31 win over Memphis in the 2016 Boca Raton Bowl.

“When you go to a bowl game, you want to experience it, have fun with it, enjoy the process. It’s reward for your guys playing well throughout the season and finding a way to advance to the postseason, so we “We will have our hands full, but that’s what makes the game fun.”

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