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Punishers Season 2: Frank Castle's New Opponent, Jigsaw, Revealed

January 10, 2019 Entertainment 0 Views The second season of Netflix and Marvel's The Punisher is almost here and Netflix…

The second season of Netflix and Marvel’s The Punisher is almost here and Netflix has finally given us our first real trailer in the coming season.

Frank Castles history seems to pick up almost when it ended at the end of the first season. The castle recovers from its injuries – with the help of its new companion Amy Bendix, played by Giorgia Whigham – and is preparing to deal with the aftermath of his struggle with former teammate Billy Russo.

Talking about Russo, it seems as if the fight with Frank left him permanently rude who drives him to grab a scary mask and call himself Jigsaw. Also in the trailer is the mysterious John Pilgrim, who is looking for both Bendix and Castle.

While this season, and another season Jessica Jones are both on the road, the fate of these Netflix and Marvel co-productions is still uncertain. With the two companies dividing ways, probably partly thanks to the upcoming Disney + streaming service, shows Luke Cage Daredevil and Iron Fist has already been canceled. It is unclear whether Punisher’s second season will be the latest. It is also possible that the season ends on a final notification without any plans to return.

Anyway, we have to wait to find out Punishers ultimate fate must wait until the season’s debut on Netflix on January 1


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