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PUBG's “console exclusivity” may soon end, as high tips on a PS4 version

Enlarge / This image, along with one with a clearer "PlayerUnited Battlegrounds" logo, still lives on Sony's official servers,…

 This image, along with one more apparent

Enlarge / This image, along with one with a clearer “PlayerUnited Battlegrounds” logo, still lives on Sony’s official servers, specifically linked to the logos usually assigned to retailers. PUBG has not yet been announced to PS4.

Almost one year after the popular PC shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ( PUBG ) was launched on Xbox One, evidence has begun appearing to suggest launching the game at PS4 can be imminent.

For more than two weeks, commercials PUBG have been unnoticed on Sony’s published PlayStation servers, according to a PSNProfiles user. com. (Hatspets to ResetERA forum member Taker34 to detect posts on Monday.) The images in question are linked to an obvious digital game ID code and they reflect two types of logos found in PS4’s interface: the icon displayed in a user’s library and the splash screen displayed when the game is loaded.

Searches for the game’s unique PS4 ID code do not provide any other information on official PlayStation websites, especially on release dates or prices. The only other evidence pointing to a PS4 launch comes from a September application for PS4 PUBG game rating in South Korea, the nation where the developer PUBG Corp has its headquarters.

Representatives from Sony Interactive Entertainment America did

After a long-lasting (and hugely popular) early access launch on PC, PUBG turned their turn to one-on-one “combat royal” battle as an Xbox One “console exclusive” in December 2017-albeit with mixed results. PUBG s Xbox One version, sold at $ 30, has been regularly hit by performance, although the game continues to have a significant player base on that system.

This performance issue looked even worse compared to Fortnite a free to play game-royale game that has had a much more stable 60fps update on both Xbox One and PS4. Epic s Fortnite had famously restricted its PS4 players from playing with other online game consoles, but that limitation was eventually busted as a Fortnite loot piñata. Should this newfound evidence be followed by a PS4 version of PUBG we must wonder if the same overlay call begins again between XB1 and PS4 fans in the series.

If the Xbox version console’s exclusivity period has a year’s time perspective, it should point to a possible December 12, 2018 release date for the PUBG PS4 version. Whether a new console version has shot so much later – with both Fortnite and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 racking up their own battle royale audiences-is another question entirely. [19659008]
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