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Prototype Nintendo Wii remote turns up at auction

October 29, 2018 Technology 2 Views There's more to the story than just the controller's existence. WayForward's James Montagna not…

There’s more to the story than just the controller’s existence. WayForward’s James Montagna not only attested to the legitimacy of the controller, but noted that it was around when the Wii still had its Revolution nickname. There were multiple iterations, two boot. Later prototypes had different labels for the plus and minus buttons, such as “start” and “select” or “pause” and “back.” There was a lot of refinement as Nintendo neared the debut &#821

1; the GameCube-oriented version was for developers getting an early start. Nintendo had offered a look at its Revolution era designs years ago, but they had not really escaped into the wild.

Do not expect to see the remote in action. Auction winner Smprp has not had success getting the controller to work, and it probably will not since it was intended for kits running special software.

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