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Protesters aim at Oregon Zoo after Lily's elephant's death | News

PORTLAND OR (KPTV) – Oregon Zoo opened its doors Saturday after closure on Friday, so the staff could deceive Lily's…

PORTLAND OR (KPTV) – Oregon Zoo opened its doors Saturday after closure on Friday, so the staff could deceive Lily’s little child elephant.

But as crowds returned to the zoo, an animal group rights activist lined up outside demanded a boycott.

The demonstrators chanted as hundreds of people walked through the gates to participate in zoo lights, a popular holiday attraction.

According to Courtney Scott, along with the Free Zoo Oregon Elephants group, she and her other activists ask the zoo to shut her

“I think we must adopt more compassion for the animals from there.”

Scott claims that 21

of 28 elephants born in Oregon Zoo have died.

But such officials tell FOX 12, these numbers are presented without context and can be misleading.

Zoo veterinarians have confirmed that Lily’s cause of death was Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus or EEHV, a disease of high mortality in free and

And they say Lily is the first known EEHV-linked death at Oregon Zoo.

Whatever Scott says she would like to see the crew along with Lil’s mother Rose-Tu, released “

” Every time an animal dies here, it’s a lot to get sympathy for the zoo staff and we understand it, but we have to watch on how the animal feels once in a while. You know? She lost her baby.

The non-profit also calls Oregon Zoo to quit its rearing program.

A zoo spokesman tells their hearts to all those sad about the death of lilies, including demonstrators but their anger is wrong.

Despite the demonstration, such lights were packed tonight and many of those attendances were there to commemorate Lily’s memory, leaving notes and flowers outside the elephant show.

Oregon Zoo Released The following statement partially says: “We pray that anyone who wishes to honor the lily’s memory was Kindly follow us to support the National Elephant Herpes Virus Laboratory to help find a cure for this disease, killing young elephants both in our zoos and in nature. “

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