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Princeton University a chapel clipping the song from “The Little Mermaid” over “toxic masculinity”

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By Associated Press

PRINCETON, NJ- A male a cappella group at Princeton University has drawn a Disney movie song from his action after a student column who suggested texts contributed to promote “toxic masculinity”.

Princeton Tigertones has performed “Kiss the Girl”, a song from “The Little Mermaid” for years. During performances at the Ivy League School, a female audience would become a member to decide whether a man from the audience could kiss her.

Noa Wollstein, who wrote the column, argued that the message of the song is misogynistic and that many women have also been drawn to the scene for unwanted meetings.

“I have seen a queer student who has taken the stage, must unpleasantly push away his forced manmate,” wrote Wollstein, a newborn from New York, in his column. “I’ve heard that unwilling girls are exposed to their first kisses. I’ve seen mothers who have come to see their child’s performance are pulled up to the scene just to get excitement generated between them and the child they came to support.”

In a reply published in the newspaper, Tigertone’s President Wesley Brown apologized for making someone unpleasant by the tradition. He said the group will not perform the song until it can find a way to do it without offending any audience.

Brown, a senior in Princeton, wrote that the group has taken steps to attempt voluntary and consent participation by the participants, but did not give specific examples. He said the group had attempted to give a lovely youthful energy to the song’s performance, but failed to ensure comfort for the audience’s members on stage.

“Performances of this song have made the participants uncomfortable and insulting the audience, a result that is antitic to our group’s mission and one that we deeply regret,” he wrote.

Disney via YouTube

In The Little Mermaid, the lyrics of the Sebastian crab are sung when he encourages Prince Eric to kiss Ariel, who can not speak because she acted her voice to become human to him.

“My oh / See who the boy is too shy / Do not kiss the girl”, so the crab is sitting with other seas. “Is not that sad? / It’s too bad / Too bad / You will miss the girl.”

Other texts include “Do not Be Afraid / You’re Better Prepared / Continue and Kiss the Girl.”

Wollstein also criticized “The Little Mermaid” the song to “undoubtedly encourage men to make physical progress on women without getting theirs clear consent. “

” Removed from its subdued context of mermaid, magic and PG rating, the message is even more abusive, “wrote Wollstein.

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