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Prince Charles told SLOW DOWN as Prince Harry and William reveal fear of father | Royal | News

The first in line to the throne was publicly publicized by his children on Prince, Son and Heir: Charles of…

The first in line to the throne was publicly publicized by his children on Prince, Son and Heir: Charles of 70, a BBC documentary throwing a new, intimate light on Prince Charles until his 70th birthday. Charles reveals seven days a week and often until late at night. This schedule prince is a source of concern and frustration for Harry and William.

The duke of Cambridge said, “He has a wonderful personal discipline.

” So he has you know … sometimes, and it’s frustrated in the past, he has a routine.

“The only way to suit all these things is things must be divided.”

Harry recalled memories of his childhood when his brother and he used to find his father Charles surrounded by paperwork.

The duke of Sussex said, “He needs slow down, this is a man who eats ridiculously late in the evening.

” Then he goes to his desk later that night and falls asleep on his notes to the point where he will wake up with a paper stuck in the face.

“The man never stops. I mean when we were children there were bags and bags and bags that the office just sent to him.”

“We could barely reach his desk to say goodnight to him.”

] Prince William also expressed his wish to see his father focus more on his children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis than work.

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When asked if Charles has time to be a grandfather on top of being a legacy of the throne, Prince William said: “Something I’m working hard with, say it .

“I think he has time for it, but I would like him to have more time with the children.”

“I think he is … now he has reached his 70th birthday is it a perfect time to consolidate a little bit, because as most families would do, you’re worried about having them around and making sure their health is okay and he’s the coolest man I know, but I want him too fit until he’s 95, you know you’re on.

“Having more time with him at home would be wonderful, and you know you can play wrong with the grandchild.

” Because he is there he is brilliant.

But we need him as much as possible. “

According to Prince Charles’s wife Camilla, he is driven by his passion for his work and desires to” save the world. “

The Duchess of Cornwall said,” He knows everything inside, that’s why he does things. “[1

9659003] “He’s pretty impatient, he wants things done yesterday, because I think everyone working for him will tell you.

“But that’s how he gets things done, he’s driven by this passion in him to really help.”

“He would like to save the world.”

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