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Prince Charles shows his soft side when he freaks with Prince Louis

A new set of photos has emerged from a photograph of the prince of Wales and his family to mark…

A new set of photos has emerged from a photograph of the prince of Wales and his family to mark his 70th birthday.

In the pictures we see a smoother side of Prince Charles while he giggles while his youngest grandson, Prince Louis, is grabbed by his face.

The intimate set of images was released just a few days after other pictures from the same photography were released, showing that Meghan Markle and Prince George had a good old giggle.

Prince Louis grabs Prince Charles’s face as the rest of the family looks at recently released pictures (Image: Getty)

Prince Charles Giggles as Louis has a good boy around on his face. (Image: Getty)

The image of Louis who seized Charles’s face was actually an “out take” from the set, but it has decided to release the image and show how the future king is with his family.

Camilla talked about what a doting grandfather Charles is.

The duke of Cornwall said, “He will kneel down and crawl with them for hours, you know you are making fun sounds and laughing and my grandchildren love him, love him absolutely.

& # 39; He reads Harry Potter and he can make all the different voices and I really think children really appreciate it. “

He has been dubbed Prince of Cuddles after the pictures were released showing the prince’s softer side (Image: Getty)

The unusual informal photo of the family at Clarence House has just been released (Image: Getty)

In the first set of photos released last week, Camilla

and the Duchess in Cambridge holds the baby Prince Louis – who blinks a big smile on another photo from the photo shoot.

The rare informal photo was taken in the Garden of Clarence House and has been released to mark Prince Charles 70th birthday.

The Prince of Wales celebrated the milestone birthday last Wednesday.

Photographer Chris Jackson said it was taken during a “fun afternoon” at Clarence House (Picture: Getty)

It was released alongside a more traditional family portrait with George sat say on his proud grandfather’s knee for the shot.

The photos were taken by photographer Chris Jackson in September.

Mr. Jackson said, “I was pleased to have been asked to take these portraits of the prince of Wales surrounded by his family to celebrate the important milestone of his 70th birthday.

” It was especially special to capture such an informal and relaxed family portrait over a fun afternoon in the gardens of Clarence House. “

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