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Previously WWE Stars Ride Aircraft Together (Photo), Who is # 1 this week's WWE Power Rankings?, 2K19

November 24, 2018 Entertainment 0 Views – The above video is about the top executives of Titan's DLC package for…

– The above video is about the top executives of Titan’s DLC package for WWE 2K19. This is the first WWE 2K19 DLC package and some of the movements listed in the Top 10 video include Dominator 2 and One Percenter.

– WWE shared at Instagram its weekly power rankings and Charlotte Flair is number one. Few can forget what Charlotte Flair did for Ronda Rousey last Sunday at Survivor Series. She took the RAW Women’s Champion and hit her with several kendo stick shots which caused a DQ finish for the match. Then Charlotte chopped and completely destroyed Rousey by tapping a natural selection on a chair and putting the chair around Rousey’s throat and stamped on it.

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