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Prepare your data: this is the ‘first’ 12K video on YouTube

Prepare your data: this is the'first' 12K video on YouTube

YouTube is undoubtedly the best known video platform on the planet, although today we also find “direct”, movies and even a music service. Today, however, we do not come with any of its novelties, but for a very specific video .

Indeed, today we have among us one of the highest resolution videos of all YouTube, a footage about New York engraving from his heavens that will leave us breathless .

The highest possible resolution reaches YouTube

While for many the resolution 4K is still quite unknown, today enough material is already circulating at 6K or 8K. On Netflix, without going any further, the third season of Hourse of Cards to 6K . On this occasion, we welcome no less than 12K.

Specifically, it has been the cinematographer Phill Holland who has set up a 3-camera system “RED Weapon Monstro 8K VV” to record the city that never sleeps, resulting in a video of 3 minutes at 12K, 48 FPS and with its consequent 100 megapixels per frame.

Once uploaded to YouTube ( downsampled at 8K), we can stay amazed by seeing the incredible perspectives of NYC on our computer, mobile, TV or tablet, whatever the size of your screen or resolution. Logically, let load the video a good time , and is that it will cost you to see it without cuts if your terminal does not enjoy good specifications.

“The resulting 12K by 8K footage is 48.5 times the resolution of HD 1080p”

Therefore, from here we recommend that you let the video load in the background and once you have a free time, make sure you have a helmet nearby and to visualize it in full screen . The experience is captivating!

While some say that the change from one (high) resolution to another is imperceptible by the human eye , it seems that the resolution increase of the panels and cameras lately has no end. Let’s not forget, however, that the “resolution” of our eyes is estimated at 576 megapixels.

What do you think about 4, 8 and 12K? What do you think of the video?