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Portrait mode officially arrives on Instagram

The portrait mode has been with us for quite some time now, invented by Apple, and popularized in the rest of the phones for a couple of years . With the arrival of Googe’s Pixel 2, it was concluded that a double camera was not necessary to make a blur , since the software was more than enough to achieve these results.

The problem comes in that there are many mobile phones that do not have portrait mode, a clear disadvantage when uploading photos to social networks. Instagram has just added portrait mode officially to its catalog of options , so let’s tell you how it works, and if it really is worth or not worth using it.

Focus, the portrait mode of Instagram

instagram portrait mode

As we can see on Instagram’s own blog , Focus is your new star feature . As its name suggests, with this function you can focus on a main object, and let the software take care of blurring the rest. Obviously, this is not Google’s computer photography, so do not expect spectacular results, simply an effect resultón .

The option seems to be already reaching the latest Instagram versions, so you should be able to use this portrait mode within a very short time . A great joy for all those owners of terminals that are not compatible with the Google camera, and that do not have a double lens.

Be of higher or lower quality, it’s good news to have a portrait mode inside an application like Instagram . To activate it, we must go to the stories, and move to the sides until we find the option. This is added to the hands-free mode, Boomerang and others, as any other option. We encourage you, then, to enjoy the portrait mode of Instagram, and to share your results with us.

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