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Popular main roles superstar moves permanently back to NXT?

Rumors 2.64K //29 November 2018, 11:49 IST SHARE Is this the beginning of a mass transfer of talent from the…


2.64K //

29 November 2018, 11:49 IST

Is this the beginning of a mass transfer of talent from the main list to the NXT?

What’s the story?

WWE roster is currently stronger than ever. The main and NXT boxes are stacked with many talented stars, but a majority of them are not even fully utilized. One of these names is Tyler Breeze.

The ever underrated star made an appearance on the latest NXT TV show for a surprise championship match, possibly retarding a permanent move back to the development brand.

Breeze is one of those talents whose development success was never translated into the lead league before he made the jump to the main list of 2015.

He also held the FCW tier championship with Roman governments in FCW and became a popular face in the NXT as the Sultan of Selfies. His debut on the lead and the subsequent feud with Dolph Ziggler failed to get him over with the starring fans and before anyone realized, Breeze works every week.

However, his career has witnessed a comic revival lately since it was ready with Fandango .Breezango has been one of the more entertaining acts in recent years but is currently on hold because Fandango is out with a injury. This has left Breeze with nothing essential to do in a review of the lead role.

The Heart of the Problem

The King of Cuteville showed up NXT’s TV Tapings at Full Sail University on Wednesday and took on Ricochet in a NXT North American Championship match. Even though Breeze ended up losing the page, fans got to talk about a potential long-term return to the brand. Even though the Full Sail faith absolutely loves him.

Yes, Breeze has been working with a handful of NXT live events recently, but Ricochet matches his first TV losing appearance since his match against Samoa Joe 2015. So is Prince Pretty

Triple H has not ruled out the possibility of using underused starring stars at NXT and with Fandango out for six months, having Breeze on NXT TV in the foreseeable future will be a brilliant decision on WWE’s part.

The wonderful One could have a good run before reuniting with Fandango when he probably returns from injury in February. There are a lot of tantalizing feuds for Breeze waiting to happen in NXT. What would you like to see if WWE really moves Breeze back? Let us know in the comments box below.

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