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Police go to the island to watch the death of American man

NEW DELHI (AP) – The latest at the death of an American killed by an isolated Indian tribe (all times…

NEW DELHI (AP) – The latest at the death of an American killed by an isolated Indian tribe (all times local):

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Police investigate the apparent killing of an American through an isolated eastern India’s coast said they had investigated the island by air and carefully visited the area to identify where the man died.

A police statement from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands late Wednesday said police and India’s Coast Guard conducted a flight of northern Sentinel Island on Tuesday. A team of police and forestry officials used a coastguard boat to visit the island Wednesday and another visit was scheduled Thursday.

The Sentinel people are very resistant to third parties and the government limits visits to the island. Police Vijay Singh said Thursday morning that the police explored their possibilities because they can not go straight to the restricted area and confront the people of the tribes.

Police said Wednesday that fishermen who helped John Allen Chau to visit the island saw a dead person buried at the beach that appeared to be Chau. The fishermen then returned to Port Blair, the capital of the islands, and reported what happened.


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John Allen Chau spent summers alone in a California cabin as an emergency security guard for the wilderness. He led backpacking expeditions in the Northwest Cascade Mountains, almost lost his leg to a rat night bite, and coached football for poor children in Iraq and South Africa.

But kayaking to a remote Indian island, home to a tribe known to shoot arrows on the outside, proved to be an adventure too far for the eager outdoor man and the Christian missionary.

The police in India said Wednesday that he had been killed and authorities worked with anthropologists to try to recover his body from North Sentinel, in the Andaman Islands.

The 26-year-old was from southwest Washington, where he attended Vancouver Christian High School. He continued his degree from Oral Roberts University, a Christian college in Oklahoma, in 2014 with a degree of health and physical education.

He thus worked with the university’s mission and mission department.


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The family of an American killed by the isolated Indian tribe says it forgives those who did.

Relatives to John Allen Chau have made a statement about Instagram saying they called him a “beloved son, brother, uncle, and best friend to us”.

The family also demanded the release of those who helped him in his quest to reach the island.

Police say that Chau was killed on northern Sentinel Island by a tribe known to shoot arcs and arrows on outside.

They say seven fishermen have been arrested to help Chau visit the island last week.

The visit to the island is severely restricted and the Sentinel people



Police say that an American believer has been killed by an isolated Indian eastern tribe known to fire outsiders with arches and arrows.

Police Vijay Singh says seven fishermen have been arrested to facilitate US visits to North Sentinel Island, where the killing apparently occurred. Visits on the island are strongly restricted by the government.

The Sentinel people live on a small woodland and are known to withstand all contact with third parties, often attacking anyone who comes close.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of islands at the time of the Bengal Bay and Andaman Sea.

Indian media reports said the Americans were on an adventure trip to the islands and his body was found by the fishermen.

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