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Police fatal shoot black security guard as detained suspicious shooter: NPR

Jemel Roberson and his nine month old son. AP hide caption change caption AP Jemel Roberson and his nine month…

Jemel Roberson and his nine month old son.


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Jemel Roberson and his nine month old son.


When the police arrived at a shooting spot during the weekend at a bar outside Chicago, witnesses say that Jemel Roberson, a 26-year security guard working there, had already subdued the alleged attacker and clung him to the ground

Adam Harris, who was at Manny’s Blue Bar in Robbins at the time of the event on Sunday, told WGN TV that Roberson held “someone on the ground with his knee in the back with the gun in the back” when officers from nearby Midlothian came there early Sunday.

That’s when the midlothian police chief Daniel Delaney said one of his officers “bumped a gun with a gun” and shot him according to a statement given to the media.

But the “subject” was Roberson, not the suspect in the shooter.

Witnesses said that Roberson was wearing the uniform, including a hat emblazoned with the word “security” and had a firearm that he had a license to wear. [19659008] Midlothian police confirmed that two officers s responded to the scene in the bar on Sunday and one of them opened fire.

“Everyone screamed out,” Security! “” Harris told WGN. “And they still did their job and saw a black man with a gun and killed him basically.”

Roberson was declared dead shortly after reaching a hospital. Four others on the scene, including the suspected shooter, maintained non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

Delaney said that the Cook County Sheriff Office and Polobbin’s Police Department investigated the shot.

Roberson was the father of a nine month old son. “This would be my love for Christmas with his father and now he will miss everything,” said Avontea Boose, child’s mother, The Associated Press.

Roberson was also a musician for churches in his society. “Every artist he has ever played for, every musician he has ever sat next to, we’re just broken, because we have no answers,” Rev. Patricia Hill WGN.

She added that Roberson had dreamed of being a police officer. “He got ready to work and do all that, so the people he wanted to be family took his life,” said Hill.

Roberson’s family launched a Monday on Monday against the Midlothian police department and the officer who shot him and sought damage of $ 1 million.

A GoFundMe page has also been created to collect money for funeral expenses. Family and friends held a wake Monday night at the nightclub where he was killed.

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