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Police are fighting for their lives, “suspected death after burglary escalates in southern Salt Lake

SOUTH SALT LAKE – A policeman in southern Salt Lake was "fighting for his life" at a hospital on Saturday…

SOUTH SALT LAKE – A policeman in southern Salt Lake was “fighting for his life” at a hospital on Saturday night after being hit by a car occupied by alleged burglars, one of whom was shot and killed by police, said the authorities. 19659002] The officer was taken to a nearby hospital in a critical state, said South Salt Lake CEO and spokesman Gary Keller.

At 5:30, a burglary was reported to the police at the 3575 S. West Temple and when two police officers in South Salt Lake arrived a few minutes later, “it was a confrontation between suspects and officers,” said Keller.

“The suspects were in a car. They accelerated (and) struck one of our officers. He was transported to a hospital in critical condition and immediately taken to surgery where he is at this time. There was shot shot by the police. The suspects were hit by shooting, he was deceased, he said. 1

9659002] The alleged burglary’s name and age were daddy. The injured official was identified no longer than being a member of the police department in southern Salt Lake.

“We has an officer in the hospital who is fighting for his life, “said Keller, his voice appeared with emotions.

Keller noted the police were not aware but were breathing when transported from the scene.

The second alleged burglary left the vehicle and escaped from the scene. He later found himself hiding and arrested a short while with the help of K-9 officers, Keller said. His name and age were also released.

Full pr the exercise happened “within a block, maybe two blocks”, according to Keller.

Keller did not immediately have any information about which of the officers shot a shot, or if they may have been both. He did not know whether it was a driver or passenger inside the vehicle who was killed by shooting.

Further details of what investigators think may have occurred before the confrontation that led to the shooting was also not immediately available. Keller said that “more than one” shot was fired, but he did not know exactly how many.

Details of the alleged burglary were few, although Keller noted that it was reported in a business complex.

Soon after 21:00, Keller said the police believe there is no remaining threat to the public.

“The suspects are responsible, they are in storage. There is no threat to the public at the moment.” It is a massive crime scene we are investigating. “We have received a lot of response from external bodies,” said Keller.

South Salt Lake Police also said in short releases that “many officers” responded to the scene.

Keller said South Salt Lake Police Officers and others in the office were in the hospital on Saturday night where the injured official was going.

“It’s tough at all in the whole department when you have an officer injured to this extent, “said Keller.” So it’s very tough, but we have to do our job – we have to continue, continue and that is where we are at this time. “[19659002] Contribute with : Sean Moody, KSL TV


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