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Pokmon Let's go Meltan quest, Mystery Box explained

Chris Tapsell Guides Writer @ ChrisTapsell Pokmon Go's Meltan and its development Melmetal is the only new Pokmon that comes…

Pokmon Go’s Meltan and its development Melmetal is the only new Pokmon that comes to both Go and Let’s Go via the new Mystery Box mechanic, and something unusual for the series: a debut of a new, never-before-seen creature outside main game or anime.

There are two ways to get Meltan. You can get one through Let’s Go, Meltan Quest &#821

1; the toughest one we’ve finally seen in Pokmon Go – and from Let’s Go on Switch. The latter is also the best way to get evolution Melmetal, because you have to catch a lot to get enough Candy.

On this page, we accurately detail how to catch Meltan in Pokmon

On this page:

How to catch Meltan with Let’s go, Meltan quest rose in Pokmon Go

Introduced at Pokmon Let & # 39; s Go s November 16 Issue date saw the addition of a new research assignment for Meltan.

Like Mew, Celebi and Spiritomb earlier in the year, Professor Willow will see you taking on some of the toughest research yet – asking you to capture specific creatures over 19 steps to capture Meltan.

This list is as follows (thanks to MatterGuy98 on reddit to fill in the gaps):


Lets Go, Meltan & # 39; Stage 1 of 9

  • Spin 5 PokStops of Gyms (500 XP Reward)
  • Get 10 Pokmon (500 XP Reward)
  • Transfer 5 Pokmon (500 XP Reward)

Rewards to complete Step 1: x1000 Stardust, x10-cups, 1 incubator

  • Let Go, Meltan Step 2 of 9
    • Earn 2 candy joining your buddy (1000 XP reward)
    • Make 10 good throws (1000 XP reward]
    • Hatch 3 Eggs (1000 XP reward)

    Rewards to complete Step 2: x2000 Stardust, x2 Lucky Eggs, x1 Fast TM

  • Lets Go, Melt & # 39; Stage 3 of 9
    • Capture a Ditto (1500 XP Reward)
    • Win 2 Gymbats (1500 XP Reward)
    • Battle in Two Races (1500 XP Reward)

    ] Rewards to Complete Stage 3: x10 Big Balls, x3 Incense, x3 Max Revive

    Lets Go, Meltan & # 39; Step 4 of 9

    • Capture 5 Steel Pokmon (2000 XP Reward)
    • Capture 5 Electric Pokmon (2000 XP Reward)
    • Earn 5 candies that go with your buddy (2000 XP Reward)

    Rewards to complete Step 4: x4000 Stardust, x5 Pinap Berry, x5 Rare Candy

  • “Lets Go, Meltan” Step 5 of 9
    • Develop a Grimer (2500 XP Reward)
    • Capture 5 Slugma or Gulpin (2500 XP Reward)
    • Make 20 Great Throws (2500 XP Reward) [19659017] Rewards to Complete Step 5: x5000 Stardust, x20 Great Balls, x5 Lure Module
    • & # 39; Let’s Go, Meltan & # 39; Step 6 of 9
      • Develop a Magnemite (3000 XP Reward)
      • Capture 5 Exeggcute (3000 XP Reward)
      • 10 Rider Battle (3000 XP Reward)

      Rewards to Complete Step 6: x1 Silver Pinap Berry, x1 Metal Coat, x10 Ultra Ball

      Lets Go, Meltan & # 39; Stage 7 of 9

      • Develop 1 Drowzee (3500 XP Reward)
      • Capture 1 Cubone (3500 XP Reward)
      • Develop 1 Scyther (3500 XP Reward)

      Rewards to Complete Step 7: x10 Ultra Balls , x1 Charged TM, x3 Premium Raid Passes

    • Gain 2, Lileep or Anorith (4000 XP Reward)
    • Capture an Aerodactyl (4000 XP Reward)

    Rewards to Complete Step 8: x8000 Stardust, Meltan Meeting, x1 Star Piece

     Lets Go, Meltan & # 39; Step 9 of 9 </strong> </p> <ul> <li> 4500 XP Reward </li> <li> 4500 XP Reward </li> <li> 4500 XP Reward </li> </ul> <p> Rewards to Complete Step 9: x9000 Stardust, x1 Super Incubator, x5 Melt Candy </p> </section> <section class=

    How to Mammals in Pokmon Go with Mystery Box

    Do you want to catch a Melt before the “Go Go, Meltan” mission is complete or simply to help you develop into Melmetal? Then you need a copy of the Pokmon Let’s Go on Nintendoswitch.

    There are several steps involved, so this is a step by step explanation.

    How To Capture Melt In Pokmon Join Pokmon Let’s Go

    1. ] Connect your Pokmon Go account to a Nintendo Switch copy of Pokmon Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee.
    2. Transfer a Pokmon from your Pokmon Go account to a copy of Pokmon Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee. (The Let’s Go account must have reached Go Park in Fuchsia City to do this, which is about three-quarters of the way through Let’s Go’s story.)
    3. As soon as you do you get a product in Pokmon Go called Mystery Box.
    4. Select Mystery Box in your menu and open it when done. This will cause Meltan to boil around you for 30 minutes.
    5. Catch as many Meltan as possible, and do not forget to use Pinap Berries at all, because you need it Candy!
    6. You can only do it no more than once a week – more on the details below!

    How to take Melmetal in Pokmon Go

    It’s quite easy to catch Melmetal: all you can get is to develop a Meltan. It costs a huge 400 Candy, so you have to repeat the process quite a few times!

    When you have enough Meltan Candy, it’s exactly the same as usual, just choose develop for the Meltan you want to develop and your Melmetals!

How to Get the Melt in Pokmon Let’s Go – and How to Get Evolution Melmetal

The two-way relationship between Pokmon Let’s Go on Switch and Pokmon Go continues here as the only way you can Meltan_in_Pokemon_Lets_Go_2 “data uri = “2018 / articles / 2018-09-25-16-20 / Meltan_in_Pokemon_Let_s_Go_2.jpg” />

There is no possibility to capture or acquire a Meltan in Let’s go to Switch, or for a thing a Melmetal, in Pokmon Let’s go differently. So you have to get it first in Pokmon Go first, and trade it over.

It is also worth noting that, as far as we know, you can not develop Meltan to Melmetal once you have transferred Meltan Let’s go.


Because transfer is one-way, you can not take a Pokmon from Let’s switch to Go, just from the mobile. Go to switch Let’s Go-it means you need to develop a melt in Pokmon Go first, then transfer it to Let’s Go to get the big boy Melmetal in Let’s Go.

Other things to know about Pokmon Go Mystery Box, Melt and Melmetal

There are a lot of details to remember, thanks to all the technical features that involve transferring Pokmon and Mystery Box’s new mechanics as well! Here’s all you should think of about each.

How Mystery Box Works In Pokmon Go

  • You Only Get A Mystery Box – After Transferring A Pokmon From Go To Let’s Go For The First Time
  • The Mystery Box Opens only once a week – when you press Open, you have to wait a whole seven days to open it again.
  • You must transfer a Pokmon from Go to Let’s Go every time you want to open it – then when the seven-day timer goes down, you transfer another Pokmon . It’s not clear yet (as it has not been a week since the feature went live yet) if you have to wait until the counter goes down and since transfer a Pokmon, or if you can “stack” them in advance, so to speak. We assume you have to wait!
  • Mystery Box only affects you in Pokmon Go – it works basically like a special type of incense, not like a fool. The melt is only shown to you, not those who happen to be around you at that time.
  • You can link as many Pokmon Go accounts as you want a copy of Let’s Go – so a copy of Let’s Go can be a source of Mystery Boxes for an infinite number of different Pokmon Go accounts. We knew you could have more, but it’s good to confirm that there is no limit! Obviously, it does not have to be your copy of Let’s Go. You only need permission to link it with someone.

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What is Meltan, and how was Meltan first revealed?

The mysterious melt was revealed in the nature of Pokmon Go at the end of September morning, flooding of the map and mass.


Although it seemed like a common creature – complete with its own animations, and even on the adjacent radar – there were a few important differences:

  • It had no name or CP
  • Capture it would see that it is converted to Ditto
  • As a result, after it has been captured, there is no record in this Pokdex or anywhere else

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30 minutes after the end of the Community Day, the galle slowed back to rare or unusual levels – resembling a normal Dittos rental level and disappearing altogether.

It first appeared as though some of these Meltan-Ditto could convert back to Meltan, but then Pokmon issued a clarification:

A little later, Pokmon Company sent out more trailers and videos, gradually revealing Meltan’s nature like an old mythical Pokmon steel, and the method of catching it with the new Mystery Box.

Of course, we now know the exact information we need – so all we have to do is transfer and capture!

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