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Pokémon Quest, this is the new Nintendo game for Android

Pokémon Quest, this is the new Nintendo game for Android

A new game of Pokémon is about to reach Android . His name is Pokémon Quest, and it does not look anything like the other games based on the pocket monsters we’ve seen so far. This is what he announces, welcoming us to this curious RPG that will be available both on the Nintendo Switch console and on our favorite mobile platform.

This new free-to-play It takes place in Tumblecube Island -Isla Rodacubo- , where the Pokémon wander in search of treasures, food and other Pokémon with which to fight. Perhaps the most striking feature of the game is its Voxel style graphic section , and the ability of players build camps to attract new Pokémon to your team.

Pokémon Quest will be available next month

Pokémon Quest is a game created by the developer company GAME FREAK inc., Responsible for bringing to reality the previous RPG titles based on Pokémon. Upon arrival at the island, we are given the possibility of choose our first Pokémon, before entering into the adventure that awaits us in Tumblecube Island , with dozens of hidden treasures and battles with other Pokémon.

One of the great changes of this title with respect to previous games of the saga, is that players will not have full control over their Pokémon during battles , but these will act independently on certain occasions.

Pokémon Quest, this is the new Nintendo game for Android

Pokémon Quest, this is the new Nintendo game for Android

Beyond all this, it will be possible to create our own camp, totally customizable thanks to the items that we will be collecting. Also, when it comes to cooking, there are different recipes that will attract some types of Pokémon or others , which will serve to add new members to the team.

While this is a free game, there will be payments in-app that will go from 4.99 to $ 17.99 . At the moment it is unknown what will be the purpose of these purchases, but I am afraid that they will have to do with the construction of the camps. Finally, comment that, although the game, Android users will have to wait until next June.

Pokémon Let’s Go, a new addition for Pokémon GO

On the other hand, Nintendo has also announced two new games for Switch: Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! While these titles will not come independently to Google Play for download, Nintendo itself has confirmed that will be integrated into Pokémon GO , allowing players to catch Pokémon from the mobile and then transfer them to the Switch console.