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Pokemon Go November 2018 Community Day is today: Start time, bonuses and more

Like clockwork, the next Pokemon Go Community Day is almost here. The monthly event returns once again on Saturday, November…

Like clockwork, the next Pokemon Go Community Day is almost here. The monthly event returns once again on Saturday, November 10, giving players around the world a limited time to capture rare Pokemon, earn generous bonuses, and even hang a monster with a special move that it would normally not be able to learn . [19659002] Every Community Day usually only lasts for three hours, but the data for these events varies month by month. To help you prepare, we have rounded up the most important details of the November 2018 community day below, including the time it takes in each region, what bonuses are available and what Pokemon you can capture this time.

What is the chosen Pokemon?

Niantic denotes a equipped Pokemon for every community day, which grows much more often in nature than normal throughout the event. This time, Pokemon will be Cyndaquil, one of the three entrees introduced in the Gen 2 game series, Pokemon Gold and Silver. This means that you will have a much easier time finding and catching Cyndaquil during the Community Day, and if you are lucky you can even come across a shining cynnaquil or two before the event ends.

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You want to capture as many Cyndaquil as possible during this month’s community day so you can store Cyndaquil Candy, which you need to develop into Quilava and Typhlosion. If you manage to make it up to an hour after the event ends, your Typhlosion will know Blast Burn, a powerful fire attack that it can not learn in Pokemon Go. This applies to all Quilava that you develop during the Community Day, including those you have received before the event began.

What time does it start?

With a small handful of exceptions, every Community Day takes place only for three hours. Unlike other real events such as the Pokemon Go Fest, it is not held in a certain place, meaning you can participate in the Community Day anywhere as long as you play during the specified times.

Community Day will be held around the world, although its exact schedule will vary by region. These hours are usually consistent each month, but if you have participated in earlier Community Days, you already know when it will be available. If you attend the event for the first time or simply need an update on its schedule, you can find the hours for each region below.

North America

  • 11 AM – 2 PM PT [19659012] 19009009]

    Asia Pacific

    What other bonuses are there ?

    In addition to the increased grain of some Pokemon, Niantic usually offers two bonuses for players during each community day. This time you get twice as much Stardust to catch Pokemon and hatching eggs. This is true of all Pokemon you capture during the event, not just Cyndaquil. In addition, these bonuses stay in addition to those available through the ongoing Stardust Blast event, which means you can earn quadruple how much Stardust you usually would.

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