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PM Update: Rain has taken over, moderate to heavy sometimes through tonight

[ Nor easter to take shape Friday night, when Washington can expect windy rain] 9:00 p.m. update: Rain exceeded the…

9:00 p.m. update: Rain exceeded the area during the period around the sunset, and it has been steady with waves of heavier precipitation embedded since. Totals go around a quarter to a half inch so far. The heaviest is likely to arrive in the hours overnight when the storm system approaches its closest care of the area. Although rain should drop in coverage and intensity in the morning, the risk of showers is likely to continue today as the low pressure on the upper level moves in the after-cooling system.

From earlier …

We suspected that the northern edge of the rain can be slow for the first time, but it was even slower than expected. Nevertheless, the day certainly had the feeling of waiting for a storm to begin. The gray and increasingly low sky went together with chilly temperatures that only reach the 40’s and 50’s to give us a preview of the season to come. Rain begins to spread through parts of the area, and it continues to overcome the rest of us the next few hours tonight.

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Tonight: Although the rain has been slow to enter our area, it should be a case that it goes fast from small to a ripening storm. If it has not taken over your city at sunset (mostly well north), it will do so shortly thereafter. We look moderately to heavy rain in the evening and overnight. Rain should tend to drop in the morning, but it may take a while until it ends.

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Rain is generally tapered in the morning, but we can handle a band on the back of the low which continues to release some moderate rain, at least sometimes. In mid winter there are the bands that make some places ending with ridiculous snowfall totals. If rain excites you, you can find the numbers approaching or even surpass two inches in spots ridiculous. It should be a widespread loop of about 1

.5 inches, maybe a little less or more depending on location. Very wet no matter how you think about it. How 2018 … In one way or another the rain rains over time, as heights rise in the 50’s and a wind out in the north blows around 10 mph.

Sunday: A fast moving clipper system is on the heels of this storm, but we should have a small window with better conditions that closely matches the Marinkorpsmarathon. Sunday may be quite acceptable on the whole with what hopefully ends a window with partly sunny conditions. Heights are in the mid 50’s to about 60 years.

Red sky in the morning as we waited north on Friday. (Michael Coffman via Flickr)

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