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PlayStation will not participate E3 2019, Sony confirms

Since its inception more than 20 years ago, Electronic Entertainment Expo has traditionally been the year's biggest game event. The…

Since its inception more than 20 years ago, Electronic Entertainment Expo has traditionally been the year’s biggest game event. The industry’s major players, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, have all had a regular presence on the show, but Sony seems to be no part of next year’s events.

ESA – The company organizing E3-Har shared the first details of the E3 2019, and Sony will not have a presence there. The publisher is especially absent from the list of companies that have already committed the event, including its biggest consumer contenders, Microsoft and Nintendo, as well as other major publishers like Take-Two, Ubisoft, Activision and more.

Sony has confirmed that it plans to skip next year’s E3. “As the industry evolves, Sony Interactive Entertainment continues to look for inventive opportunities to engage in society,” said the company in a statement to GameSpot. “PlayStation fans mean the world to us and we always want to innovate, think differently and experiment with new ways to please players . Therefore, we have decided not to participate in the E3 in 201

9. We explore new and familiar ways of engaging our society in 2019 and can not wait to share our plans with you. ”

This will mark the first time Sony has chosen to skip E3 since it came into video game operations in the mid 90’s, although other companies have similarly started to re-evaluate their E3 shows in recent years. Microsoft moved above all all its presence offsite to the Microsoft Theater for E3 2018, with only Mixer present on the showfloor, while Nintendo has lost live press conferences in favor of recorded video presentations in recent years. Sony also tried to do something different with the E3 2018, as shown by the first hand focus on four of their upcoming games and present them through a “guided experience” that gave rise to a mixed response from viewers.

ESA’s E3 2019 message also included positive comments from both Microsoft and Nintendo.

“E3 is a great opportunity for us to share new games and experiences with fans and business partners from around the world”, says Nintendo of America, President Reggie Fils-Aime. “Each year we discuss what is the best way for us to take advantage of the next E3 show to make people smile.”

“E3 is an incredible platform to showcase the video’s liveliness and creativity of the gaming industry,” said Xbox CEO Phil Spencer. “ESA continues to expand the scope of the event to fans and business, both online and online, and we look forward to what’s happening on E3 2019.”

Although Sony does not look like next year’s E3, Sony seems to have not tied its ties with ESA. The company is still listed as a member of the ESA website, so it still pays membership fees and supports the organization in that way.

The E3 2019 is not the only big event that Sony is skipping. The company recently confirmed that it will not host its annual PlayStation Experience this year. “We will not get it in the states this year,” shows world headstudies Shawn Layden on PlayStation Blogcast. “Now that we have Spider-Man out the door we look down to 2019 games like Dreams and Days Gone. But we would not have enough to bring people together in North America to get that event. Want to set expectations really high and then not deliver it. It was a difficult decision, but we have decided that this year we will not hold PlayStation Experience. “

While video game companies can rethink their traditional setting for the E3, the expo continues to be a major event. “The E3 2018 broke record, and we sold out both exhibition space and participants brands,” said Stanley Pierre-Louis, CEO of ESA. “We are convinced that E3 2019, through the continued creative innovations of our participating member companies, will deliver the same kind of excitement and energy. This year we look forward to expanding the E3 beyond LACC’s walls and connecting players and participants with incredible video game content below the entire LA Live complex. “

E3 2019 takes place from 11 to 13 June. It is especially the last show confirmed for the Los Angeles Convention Center – the place traditionally held in too much of its history. Earlier ESA CEO Michael Gallagher had previously said that the organization could drive other alternatives if LACC does not modernize and upgrade the facility.

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