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Playing games remotely is now free with GeForce Now

NVIDIA, despite being known for its graphics cards, has been newsworthy here numerous times, either for its Android tablets or its NVIDIA Shield, a kind of Android TV and console at the same time .

In addition, in 2015, the North American firm launched GeForce now, a service available for all its consoles that I allowed to play several PC games in a “remote” way , in streaming .

Download and use free NVIDIA GeForce Now

Indeed, for 9.99 euros per month users of any NVIDIA Shield could enjoy more than 50 games remotely, at 1080p and 60 FPS and with a trial period of 3 months free. Starting today, GeForce Now is free .

As we read in Android Police , it seems that NVIDIA is sending emails to GeForce Now users telling them that this becomes free forever. Of course, they also comment that we will continue to have access to all the games purchased in your store .

“In the next few months, we will update your GeForce Now service. You will still have access to your favorite games that you have purchased through the store. To reward our loyal players, we will stop billing your account as of May 15 … ”

Playing games remotely is now free with GeForce Now

These emails also drop some indirect hints of the future of GeForce Now, and that is today we can enjoy it also on PC and Mac in the form of beta . Nor does it rule out their arrival on smartphones.

In the beginning, these PC and Mac users they would have the possibility of paying for hours , that is, playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive for 2 hours and pay a symbolic price. You can join the beta from GeForce Now

What do you think of GeForce Now? Would you use it on your PC?