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Planning to Improve Your Fitness? Do Yoga!

Yoga is a great cardio workout, because it exercises all the muscles, helps us relax, burns fat, improves muscular coordination, along with many other benefits. Daily yoga is a cornerstone for good health, because it greatly improves fitness and strength.

Here are the things you need to know regarding yoga and enhancing your fitness:

  • Adults need around 150 minutes of aerobics and strength exercises twice a week to achieve good fitness, aerobics includes walking, running, cycling, and swimming, while yoga combines strength exercises with breathing and stretching exercises, thus, it is not like aerobics, it is more inclusive.
  • Choose yoga positions that suits your body needs, for yoga positions are extremely wide and can focus on any part of your body, you can strengthen your legs, increase arms flexibility, or enhance breathing: So, chose yoga positions that can help you reach your fitness goals. For example: if you want to increase your leg flexibility you should go with this position: form a triangle with the floor by placing your hands and feet on the it and lift your back and bottom upward, if you want to increase your balance you should try the “half-moon” position which is to place an arm and the leg of the same side on the floor while lifting the other arm and leg upward, all of these exercises help in enhancing fitness.
  • When starting with yoga, start with the easy positions then increase difficulty gradually.
  • You can practice yoga as a supporting exercise beside your main exercises, for example if you practice jogging you can do fitness and leg flexibility yoga exercises.
  • You can spend as much time as you want practicing yoga.
  • You can practice yoga alone or with a group of people.
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