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Photographer finds mystery couples in the background of amazing photo

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A fantastic photo of a real magic moment for a couple was hidden in mystery when the photographer searched for the identity of the two he accidentally photographed.

More than a week later, the photographer Matt Dippel found the couple, he wrote on Facebook on October 27th.

“Everyone meets Charlie Bear and his engaged Melissa,” wrote Dippel. “In short, I caught the second proposal, the more special and official in Charlie’s words. Congratulations to you two. I wish I could meet you personally and hug you. I’m glad I finally got you to share this special moment with you, thank you for being so amazing, maybe one day we finally meet personally! “

The picture was taken at Taft Point, which is a point of view in Yosemite Park.

Photographer Matt Dippel, who takes beautiful pictures of nature, caught a seemingly romantic moment where a man is down on a knee that seems to suggest a woman who is standing over him.

The only problem is that Dippel did not intend to capture the moment on the camera.

He published on Instagram, “A real magical moment. Idk these people but maybe we can find them!”

Of course, the internet was invested in the search.

A person commented, “This is beautiful! Just found your page after reading a news article about this photo. I hope you find the happy couple!”

“Princess Buttercup and the man in Black / Westley on the cliffs of insanity?! “another guessed.

“Did you find them? Beautiful photo!” Another person said.

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