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Photo of a woman cleaning windows shared by British police with an irregular warning

November 8, 2018 World 2 Views This apparently innocent photograph of a woman who cleans her window has been shared…

The British police have shared this seemingly innocent image of a woman cleaning a window &#821

1; but can you find out what’s wrong with that?

Throughout Britain, the warn of the public is warned to be vigilant if they discover someone who performs household jobs – that the real cause could be much more harmless.

In the picture, a woman can be seen in a large window window that wipes the glass.


But in a shock alert, Avon and Somerset Police said: “Do you see someone who’s always in the laundry? They’re not out of the house on their own? 19659005] “This may be an indicator of household service. Many victims do not know that they are utilized and need you to be a voice for them.

British Seriousity is a form of modern slavery, whose other indicators may involve the victims being released and collected by one of the victims. vehicles, insulation, bad living conditions and signs of abuse.

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