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Phil Mickelson's net worth, career income

Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods can play for a massive $ 9 million prize at Shadow Creek on Friday, but…

Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods can play for a massive $ 9 million prize at Shadow Creek on Friday, but let’s just say that the lost matcher will not have any financial concern.

In 2016, Forbes Mickelson’s net worth of $ 375 million suggested good for 18th on the list of America’s richest celebrities.

Mickelson ranked 74th in the Forbes 2018 list of America’s highest paid celebrities, which represented $ 41.3 million in revenue – $ 37 million from approvals and $ 4.3 million from profits. It was good enough to rank 22nd on Forbes lists with highest paid athletes.

The list compiles premax income from June 1, 2017 to June 1, 2018, leaving the manager, attorney and agent fees.

According to Forbes At the time of publication, Mickelson’s main sponsors include Intrepid Financial Partners, Labor Day, Callaway Golf, Amgen, ExxonMobil, KPMG and Rolex. Since then, he has also added a highly publicized partnership with Mizzen + Main, where he is a shareholder in the company.

Mickelson also ranked 6th in Forbess’s list of the 25 highest paid athletes, published in December 201

7. This list billed service estimates, wins, reports, exhibition fees and more. Forbes estimated Mickelson’s career income of $ 815 million at that time. Before Match vs Woods, Mickelson’s career win on Tour is $ 88,254,084. It’s ranked second to Woods $ 115,504,853.

Mickelson and Woods, who for years have rivals on the track, have warmed their relationship, at least publicly, in the last year in the wake of the high-tension match in Las Vegas. It began with a surprising exercise at Augusta National during the Champions Week and has ramped up since. The match, if it continues as an ongoing event, can be a lucrative investment for the couple.

The match vs Woods is broadcast on pay-per-view for $ 19.99.

 Phil Mickelson gives his thumb up during a round.

Phil Mickelson gives a thumbs up during a round of the 2018 season.

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